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I swear Australian businesses don't want my money any more

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by ibast, Jul 7, 2010.

  1. Once when you went into a parts supplier (not motorcycle specific), if you knew exactly what you wanted and were paying cash, they would give you a trade discount, or a least a decent discount.

    This seems to have disappeared in the past few years. Example as of yesterday.

    I need a bolt in petrol cap for a fibreglass tank I am building. I've found them on the interweb and it'll cost me less than $100 for the one I want at my doorstep, from the UK. After much searching I found them locally. The place I found was the wholesaler and I was willing to pay cash. I was also willing to pay a little more than I could get them from overseas, as I would have them in my hand and have back up, etc. I went there yesterday and they were asking $220. WTF!

    It's not just car/bike parts either. Some bearings I needed the other day cost me full retail. I know through work they would cost about $5. They cost me $30 cash.

    With the Interweb making it so easy to buy from overseas, it appears Australian businesses are trying to go broke.
  2. Or trying to make up for lost sales because of the net?
  3. Wouldn't really make sense to increase prices if they were getting less sales would it?
  4. I think there are two factors in play here, one is competition from the 'Net, because the local supplier's costs are the same and the scale of his sales doesn'r permit much discounting. Couple that with the high cost of labour and running a proper shop, driven by union expectations and government interference, and competition from cheap on-line suppliers and he's doomed whatever he does. He might as well sell for the highest price he can while he waits for another nail to be driven into his coffin.....
  5. I run a business. I will take your money and give you ALLLL sorts of plasterboard at awesome rates.... :p
  6. Or Conversely because of Australian living conditions and owners expectations of greater profits… You really do let your political bias colour everything you say don’t you…
  7. I suppose I am whinging about two different things:
    1. you don't get the discounts you used to get when buying from non-retail shops
    2. Australian businesses refuse to believe that you can get it from overseas cheaper even with delivery.

    I think the first is driven buy accountant style buisness management. I strike this at work where accounts can't or don't want to rate the value of repeat customers and marketing.

    I can't see the second being down to the cost of labour. In the fuel cap example I am now buying it out of the UK. I can't see it being economies of scale. Some of it yes, but not all of it. The only thing left is they have missed their price point. I suppose it is not entirely suprising they are ignorant of their electronic competition, in that it was almost impossible to find them on the web.
  8. I always thought Paul looked like a Ferengi with his political bias.
  9. Smee and Falconlord accusing Hornet of political bias.

    Maybe this thread should be moved to Jokes and Humor.

    I think all 4 of us wear our position on our sleeves.
  10. Hornet's avatar does have a little bit of a look like Johnny Howard pose,:angel:
  11. iBast does make a good point, but I don't think the shop that I buy the parts from are all to blame. Clearly, somewhere between leaving whatever country x item is made in and arriving here there is a horrendous markup. But it could be the manufacturer... or the reseller the stores here buy the things from.

    Whichever it is, I'll wager a large sum of money that whoever is marking the price up is citing "increased distribution costs" as their reason.
  12. Really?
    what is my position? Pray tell so I can tell you that you are wrong
  13. It's not. I buy stuff through work from the same type of suppliers and the price difference if phenomenal. The bearing example is a good case in point. retail bearing prices are between 2 and 5 time that of industrial sales.

    the rest is just "opportunity cost" by the retialer

    Maybe the petrol cap and fittings got marked up somewhere along the line, but I doubt it. I think the place I went to was the importer. I could get these from a UK retailer, make a grose margin of 50% and still sell them for less than these guys.
  14. Amazing the way some retailers think you're calling their bluff when you say you can get the product cheaper O/S - when I was looking for a Trailtech speedo for my dirtbike, I approached the local reseller who happened to be the cheapest price I could find in the state... I tried to screw him down a bit (his price $240, O/S price $130 incl. delivery), he told me I was full of shit so I asked if he had internet access from his shop, showed him the price and he still thought I was pulling his leg :-k
  15. agreed. we see the same thing on helmets and blame the additional cost of testing to Australian Standard.

    I also scuba dive and exactly the same thing happens on cylinders. Made in Italy but available to BS specs un the UK for half the cost of the AS ones I need here

    I don't think it's anything else other than greed
  16. Left right out?

    From your posting here I'd say you are slightly left of centre. Whether you are conservative of Liberal I would only be guessing.
  17. Yeah. Someone is getting greedy. I guess it depends on the item, or the type of item perhaps ibast?

    All I know is that I can buy a pair of jeans online for one third of what it will cost me in store here. So I use the store to get the sizing and fit, then buy online.
  18. I want it -- let me know if you need kevlar jeans or a high tech carbon fibre helmet --- and no I am not greedy either, in fact I am more than likely ripping myself off with my prices. :)
  19. No ones buying my products, they're buying it through a more convenient means (net), and for significantly less (even when factoring in shipping).

    Solution: Do I start an online shop and reduce selling costs to compete in the global market? Or do I raise my prices - making purchasing from O/S online sites even more attractive (and the only option for many with limited budgets).

    Hmmm, now thats a hard one..
  20. shrugs depends what business you are in