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I survived Melbourne to Perth

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by bugeater, Oct 8, 2007.

  1. Well it was a difficult journey, but I finally made it.

    Left Melbourne at 2:30pm on Wednesday and arrived in Perth at about 5:00pm yesterday (Sunday). So about 4.5 days of riding. The hardest was probably Port Augusta to the Border Village.

    I'm still exhausted. I'll probably fill in more details later.

    I'll probably go back in about a week, but take it a bit slower. Probably ride around the SW for a couple of days.

    I saw a lot of bikes heading east on Saturday. Few going my direction though.

    The biggest issues were sunburn (even 30+ doesn't seem to prevent it), wind noise (even earplugs don't completely stop the ringing once you get off the bike), a sore backside (I sat on my pillow which helped a bit) and general aches and pains.
  2. Hoooollllleeeeeee Sheeeeeyyyaaaat! That's one helluva ride, mate! Well done on making it across in one piece. The fatigue must be a killer!

    What was the inspiration behind the trip?
  3. Well done bugeater! :applause: Would love to hear more about this so make sure you write up a journal...please :grin: With piccies. :grin:
  4. Awesome stuff! How far is that?? Isn't Augusta like 2000k's from Perth? That would make Melbourne... REALLY FAR AWAY!

    Post up pics, write more :)
  5. shhheessshhh mate you're keen I'll give you that..... definitely head down the SW.... great roads all the way and the forests are something else.... climb the Gloucester Tree at Pemberton too.... 198 feet straight up :grin:, since you're almost there! :grin:
  6. EPIC, Looking forward to hearing much more about this trip. :)
  7. Ditto, when you've recovered, fill in the gaps, that's the sort of ride report we all want to hear...... :shock:.
  8. Yeah it was some ride all right. I'm actually thinking I'll not ride back again. I just spoke to the people that I'm going to work for soon (I'm between jobs at the moment) and they seem keen for me to start sooner rather than later. So I might need to be back a bit sooner than I expected. I'll still cruise the South West though. Spend three days or so I guess.

    Now I have to work out how to ship the bike, myself and my luggage back....
  9. It's about 3500km. My original route was a bit longer, but by the end I decided to go via Coolgardie rather than Esperance. That cut a couple of hundred kms off the trip, but was less scenic. I was desperate to get to Perth at that point.

    The chef at a place called Caiguna said he has made the Nullabor crossing by motorcycle about 12 times! Admittedly that's not Perth to Melbourne, but still pretty impressive.
  10. :shock: that's a long way! :shock:

    Did you come across many roos? I have heard they are pretty bad on the trip? :?
  11. I'm from WA originally, so a lot of my family are in Perth.

    I've also got the right sort of bike to make such a journey.

    Also as a West Australian, the Nullabor crossing seems almost like a right of passage. So I decided to do it the hard way - by motorbike.

    I knew it would be hard, but I knew it could be done. And what's the point of doing things that are easy? :grin:

    And I think it was worth it too. You just can't get a real feel for how huge and desolate this country is until you drive across it.
  12. I came across heaps of roos. But they were all dead. Never saw a live one. The worst section was the 90 mile straight (longest straight stretch of highway in Australia). The roo carnage was horrific. There were bunches of 4 or 5 dead ones and even some dead in the middle of the road (something I didn't see anywhere else). I have no idea why it was so bad there. It was heaps worse than elsewhere for some reason.

    I did see heaps of goanas (dead and alive) on the road. They looked like what we called bob-tails as a kid (I grew up in country WA). There was one 35 degree day where I was dodging heaps of live ones.
    I dodged one big black live snake slithering across the road and one dingo scavenging (on the Nullabor itself). That's it on the roads.
  13. Mate you sure have the right bike for it! I was listening to a lady on the radio who rode a pushbike and she said the smell was horrific! I guess at a legal 100kmh it wouldn't have been to bad :wink:
  14. That's why I went for the big ZZR; great for touring. Can't wait to get out there.

    Longest drive I've done is Canberra / Port Augusta / Alice Springs / Darwin / Mount Isa / Brisbane / Canberra. Did that in two weeks. Canberra to Alice was done in 30 hours, with three drivers. Would be exhausting to do a huge trip like that on a bike.

    Would love to read a full write-up of your trip.
  15. You made it - well done, Marty! I don't think I'll be doing it on my bike, somehow :LOL:
  16. Can't Wait

    Am looking to do this trip some time next year. Most people just think it's mad riding the Nullabor. I see it as an achievement. Well done. Will keep an eye out for your ride report.
  17. Well I've priced up my fuel (at least with the receipts I could find) and it cost about $295 in petrol. Accomodation was $209 (three nights in various levels of motel and one night camping). Fines :? $300.....

    Wear and tear on the bike... dunno. But probably a fair bit. I'll need new tyres soon and there are scuff marks in a few places despite trying hard to prevent them. Nothing major though. Then there is the devaluation given another 3500km on the clock.

    Then there is food. Probably spent about $125 on food and drink and carried about $50 worth of canned and other food.

    So minus wear and tear and fines - about $679.

    Now I was considering flying back, but I just got a transport quote of $1149. So it would cost me about $1500 to get myself and the bike back again.... I'm thinking riding back is sounding likely. Damit.
  18. Didn't want to break the "flow" of the other thread so decided to post here. Nice start to the write up, especially the bits about the preparation you took, the things you brought and all that.

    As someone who is thinking of one day doing a big ride (around australia?), this is something I'm going to have to be considering too!
  19. So you made it back... did you end up riding back? Keep going on your journal :)