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I suck big time

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by blaringmike, Apr 28, 2008.

  1. OK this is a bit of a strange one. After being out all night at a training course I come home and turn my Nokia mobile on. Not a big deal boots up does its funky start up sound byte. Then in big black letters comes up "You suck big time". I mean WTF. Surely the programmers have better things to do than this.

    Anyway, questions time.....

    Does your phone have any sneaky little things like this in it? Some uber geek who programs them must have thought it would be hilarious and has probably snuck other things into different phones.
  2. Mine likes to crash.. thats right, a phone.. crashes! such bs.

    Mate your countdown is depressing! So long! :cry:
  3. Sounds like something that happens here... when our kids reprogram our phones! (We're lucky though and they normally say nice things to us.) Was your phone out of your sight at some point?
  4. its most likely the welcome text that you can set in phone start up settings
  5. :LOL: Does it run on Windows? Coz my O2 does that once in a while. Just freezes. Even managed to get the BSD once.
  6. After being carelessly left on a table in plain view, my friend's phones used to often tell them how awesome I was, when they turned them on.

    ... trouble is these days, no-one turns their phone off, so the welcome message never gets seen [or doesn't get seen until a year later when they get a new battery, so that's pretty serious time-delay on a prank].

    Another good one is to set the Alarm for 4am... then set the countdown timer to go off at 4:15am :twisted:
  7. You bastard :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

  8. I do that sometimes! Other times I just go into the calendar find a day a few weeks away (my boys always suss when he catches me with the phone so I set it for days or weeks away - when he's not expecting it) and put a little sappy message in it (the kind that would make you roll your eyes). Or something totally inappropriate to be reading while your at work...