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I still cant corner this corner properly..

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Sweeris, Apr 1, 2008.

  1. Hi all, I have this one corner in melbourne which I still feel I cant corner properly. Most people in melb would probably know it. I did see posts on it before.

    The corner is the one where you jump on to eastern fwy from Hoddle st. In that section there's a 90 degree turn and a 180 degree one. the 90 degree one I can corner fine like any other corner. but with the 180 degree one I cant seem to corner properly. I cant work out why.

    I always had a problem with this corner. Until I almost had an accident mid corner, so im asking for some advice here. Last night I was just heading out to dandenong and decided to jump on to eastern fwy. There were a car in both lanes in front of me and heaps of cars behind. I got in to the left lane before the 90degree turn and corner without a prob. I got to the 180 turn a bit faster than what i'm comfortable with. I just thought I'll lean abit more and I'll get through fine. When I got to mid corner I felt like I'm strting to run wide(in that corner I usually run wide but still in my lane). I knew if I dont do anything about this im going to hit the car in the lane next to me. I had a split second that I just thought "this is it i'm gone this time", then I said hang on I can get out of this. I just lean more and made it through.

    The only thing that's bothering me is this only happens in this corner and no where else. So is it just me doing something wrong or is it the corner?
  2. I suggest you write a sternly worded letter to Vic roads in regards to that corner. Its clearly faulty. Better to have them rip it up and re-install a new corner before too much more harm is done. :p
  3. That corner is bumpy, rutty, off camber and downhill, not to mention always full of traffic. I don't know anyone who'd consider it one of their favourites.
  4. The thing to remember about that corner is that it's also downhill so you'll probably be gathering speed as you go through it. It's been a while since I've taken that one but it may be the corner does get a little sharper as it comes to an end?

    I've been having the reverse problem on the corner leaving the West Gate Freeway outbound to get onto the Bolte Bridge part of City Link. About 3/4 through the corner I was finding myself having to straighten up briefly as the corner evidently becomes less of an angle even though it's not obvious (to me anyway).

    I fixed it recently by pushing my focus even further ahead than normal. I think I became accustomed to looking only far enough ahead for the usual 90 degree corners seen on the roads but it doesn't quite work on those 180 degree or more ones. I'd start by entering the corner slower, take the outside lane so you don't have traffic to run into if you do get into trouble, and look even further ahead than what you'd be used to from the standard 90 degree corners.

    Could make an afternoon of it and do some laps to practice it on the weekend :)

    Hope that helps some!
  6. maybe your apexing incorrectly. if you always run wide, aim to apex later
  7. That would be my take on it!
  8. Is your speed increasing as you go down it?
  9. The opposite to that corner must be the left handed loop from shittylink heading towards the Westgate up onto the Bolte Bridge outside peek hour of course. :wink:
    I'm going to wear the left corner of my rear tyre out on that. :LOL:
  10. Yep smooth, constant radius uphill...
    That Bolte onramp is so much fun
  11. Sweeris,

    I love that corner. it tightens up slighty as you go around it, but if you set your speed right and make sure you enter the corner from the far right of the lane, it is so much fun.

    I like to accelerate as i am starting to come out of the corner and away you go.

    It has been resurfaced, so doesnt have the bumps that it used to.
  12. [​IMG]

    is this the set of corners you are talking about.

    looks very much like a decreasing radius
  13. +it's downhill.....it's actually quite a interesting corner and one i normally do enjoy, as it's got some much everytime through, (bit like a couple of corners on hotham), as it throws so much at you, like all down hill corners, i reckon entry is the secret, slow in, fast, all while remaining relaxed to allow the bike to ride over the bumps.

    Remember to always ride through downhill corners, helps to settle the bike (i find anyway) :)
  14. Yeah, it's a pretty technical corner, that demands a lot of attention...Personally I hate the bloody thing!!. :LOL: coz it's downhill AND badly off camber. I take it rather slowly. :oops:
    Just as well perhaps, coz if it was as good as it should be, I'd rip through it. :)
  15. But a challenge to get it right!