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I Stacked AGAIN!! Some riders should never have a license...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by SOBIL, Aug 7, 2005.

  1. Last night on the way home I turned into my street too quick and hit the sand that has built up in the middle of the road and down she went. I shouldn't be on the road.

    The fizzer copped a fair bit. The front fairing, side fairing and mirror were cracked again and today the right hand fairing disintegrated while riding along flying apart.

    It looks like I will be fighterising definitely now as the fairings are to far gone and I kind of liked the look anyway. So if anybody has a set of twin chrome headlight that the want to get rid of for a moderate price then pm me.

    Oh... By the way I got my license. woot woot. :shock: :roll: :shock:

    Big cheers to Mel at Ridetek. I highly recommend Ridetek and appreciate the realistic approach to it all.
  2. Congratulations AND commiserations, mate.
    What, the end of the Cable tie Special??? Say it isn't so.
    Good thing you're OK though.
    (you can't hold people togetehr with cable ties)
  3. you stacked the day you got your licence? that sucks. pity you didn't stack the cb250 at ridetek instead of your fully faired fzr :(
  4. Congrats on your licence mate. :D

    Sorry about your misadventure last night :( but glad to hear you are okay. :)

  5. Sorry to hear, but well done on the prang
    :p :p :p

    Go the streetfighter!!! Give Mike from OCD a call re headlights.
  6. Man you fizzer riders are crazy!!!! I think its time you up grade to an across!!! (That’s not a typo ether)

    O yea congrats on the license
  7. Bugger...at least you're ok.

    Grats on the license :wink:
  8. It amazes me how stuffed up our bike license system is :shock:

    Here we have a rider who has just got his License and has dropped his bike twice already :roll:

    Lets hope the next one does not injure other people

    Cheers 8)
  9. say hello, say goodbye! Thinking of you sobil!
  10. Not Nice Slyfox!!!!!
  11. Now tell us what you really think Dazza :p :p
  12. Since when do you need a licence to crash? :LOL:
  13. I don't think its fair to blame the system. Their is only one person to blame for my accidents. Me. Now both of my accidents have been from riding outside my own limitations in an attempt to better my ability. Have i learnt from this? of course i have. Did I learn from my first off. No shit i did. I have learnt i think more in 2 months of riding what it can take some riders years to learn. but i have paid a price for it. I intend on taking it easy now i have my license as I now that i know that i have a license I can spend the rest of my life bettering my ability.

    Last night was a stupid mistake in hindsight, but so are most.
    I have now learnt what it feels for the rear end of the bike to slide out from me and also for the frond end to come out from me. This is just a bit of a rant. Either way I don't think any change in the licensing system would have made any difference on whether or not i would have had an accident. If anything i think my accidents have been an advantage in my progression to my license.

    This is just a rant i guess.
  14. mehehe :p well the cb250's have the crash barriers and everything i doubt they'd even notice going over. i just wish i could fit oggy knobs to my zzr, if i drop it the cosmetic damage alone is going to be $$$ :oops:
  15. You only stop learning when you die.

    Get back on and ride. It's the only way to continue that lesson :)

    Oh, ummm, stop crashing will ya :)
  16. Thanks. I'll do my best.

    Is it a bad thing when i think about the bikes i might get when off my restrictions that im considering what it would look like without fairings?

    :roll: :wink: :p
  17. lol bad luck mate! Don't worry, I'm in the exact same boat as you. I've crashed twice on my 250 and I plan on crashing more on it until I move up to a 600. Hopefully by then I would have learnt from most of my mistakes :)

    Although, I have been taking things easier since the last crash and I've also decided to book the next available advanced riding course. This way I can crash under supervision :D
  18. Congrats on passing mate!
    Now just start the count down like the rest of us restricted riders. :p

    Not to worry about the fizzer; she'll live to battle another day. So i say strip back those fairings, get a clean canvas and then go to town on it!

    Depends if it's your style or not, but you might wanna look into the moto-x headlamp assembly. I know whenever i pick up a project bike it's gonna end up with spliced & half-cut fairings, a belly pan with exposed engine, and a barmy little custom made twin/triple headlamp assembly. :D Just gotta work on that ADR approval thing. :(
  19. Well done on passing Sobil :D:D:D:D
    We now have another L plate stuck up out in HQ never to be used again ;)
    Bummer about the stack and I'm glad I saw you were OK before you mentioned it ;)
    I really should take more notice of your bike tho, I seriously couldn't tell where the damage was :LOL: :shock:
  20. As long as you're ok. Well done on the L/C test.