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I spose it could have been worse!

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Caz V1, Dec 23, 2007.

  1. About 6 weeks ago I had a barney with my bro over a fuel can for my mower, I could not find it, so obviously I figured he borrowed it and hadn't returned it. He declares himself innocent and denies any knowledge of the whereabouts of the fuelcan.
    Yeah I know, it's just a fuel can, no need to firebomb his car or stick a hose under his front door :p So I replace it and get on with life.

    Today, I came across these groovy gas bottle doovers, gauge and cut off fuse in one, bewdy, I'll have one of them.
    I go outside and lift the cover off my BBQ to fit my new gadget to the gas bottle... what gas bottle :evil:

    So it seems I've been robbed, I know its not much value, but I sure as hell am not happy about it, at least I am thankful they did not take my lawn mower or whipper snipper, or any of my power tools for that matter.
    and... the lid off my compost bin has disappeared too :?

    Time to plant a few booby traps around the fence I reckon.

  2. I got first dibs on the first 12 sets of boobies you trap :rofl:
  3. Once they start knocking stuff off from your place Caz, they will just keep coming back.

    It happened to me in Reservoir. The buggers got so cheeky, to steal my lawn mower they would have had to sit down in my shed for ages to pick the cantankerous old lock I used to chain it to the shed frame.

    It only stopped when my 75 year old neighbour confronted a couple (yes, man and woman, walking the streets checking out houses to rob) in my back yard, checking out the back windows.

    So, tell the Police, so it is on record, and get friendly with the neighbours. Good luck.
  4. hehehehe! :LOL:

    so sorry to hear you got robbed.. here's a thought, buy a cheap jerry can, half fill it with fuel/water and sit it in the middle of your yard. That way next time they come around to steal some fuel they'll get a bit of payback. :wink:
  5. Pink500 ! :shock:
    That's pure evil .. :twisted: :twisted:
  6. fcuking scumbags.. I reckon the sort of booby trap you set should cause some serious injury to the pricks.. :evil:

    Something like explosives, maybe 240 volts straight to the head.. :evil:
  7. A good cheap and non lethal possible deterrent , is rig up some 'party poppers' to a tripwire near a door etc.

    At the very least I reckon they'll crap em selfs, and know your onto em and hopefully never come back.

    We rigged a few up last night at our xmas do around the back, where we didn't want people wandering.

    A : was a crack up when you heard em scream
    B : the looks on faces as they came back around the front was priceless :LOL:
  8. What kind of a :jerk: just knocks off a jerry can & gas tank?

    *me thinks someone gonna get firebombed & fingers will point at Caz* :oops:

  9. People who steal should lose their hands. No ifs, no buts.
  10. & Caz,

    If you wanna go the full hog on the cheap, I'll hook you up with one of
    these mofo's nunu.


  11. I've been stewing over this ever since I got home at lunch time.
    I even tried seeing if my brother had it, casually asked him when he was going to return it, and when he said he didn't borrow it, I explained that it was no longer where it has been for the past 3 years and just assumed he must of had it. I figured it was better to take that approach than straight out accuse him of helping himself to my belongings, cos he has had a bit of a habit in that department.

    It's got me paranoid now, I have not been away from home very much at all this past winter, apart from supers in early march, the bright trip late march and the GP, almost every other night I have been at home, even taken a back seat from coffee nights and the like for the past 6 months, so who ever has been tip toeing around my back yard, either knows me, and is up to date with what I'm doing and when, or they fluked it, cos there is no way my dog would stay quiet if someone was perched atop of the side/back fence. The only way to access my rear yard is to enter one of the neighbours properties and jump one of the fences, cos I have a high side gate that is permanently locked on one side of the house, and the other side is the garage which buts up against the house and the opposite wall is the boundary and the garage has a remote door, so no lock to tinker with. My car is always in the drive in front of the garage too, so the house always looks occupied.
    I have a feeling as the next few weeks pass I will discover other stuff also missing, I have wandered around this arvo and done a visual/mental stocktake of everything, I can't say I notice any other stuff missing, but I can't be sure until I go to use something and can't find it. That fuel can had me going around in circles for days.

    The value of the 2 items is minimal, I just hate the idea of people lurking around in my "sanctuary" and the head fcuk I endure when I go on a search and destroy mission like I did with the fuel can.

    I am going to look into getting some sort of height extension on the fences, even if its just those woven pine fence toppers, at least they wont be able to climb on them or get a veiw in my yard.
    If it happens again, I will get infra red camera's installed like I had at my old house. Not that the camera's would have helped in this situation, cos I didn't know I'd been ripped off until god knows how long after the event, and I would have taped over any vision of them by this stage.
    I reckon it would of had to have been two people, cos how would one climb the fence to get out, while clutching a recently filled 9 kg gas bottle.
    It just doesn't make sense, a lousy gas bottle, it's not as if they could sell it to cash convertors or the like. And most tea leafs dont theive to build up there assets, they just want the bucks they can convert ya stuff into.

    I'll go up the cop shop tomorrow and fill them in and enquire about other incidents in the area, if any.
    Times like this I wish we had that law like they do in the US about being able to let a round or two loose on occasion you find yourself confronted by a home invader.

    I'll probably lie awake until dawn, every little noise has me peeking out curtains or on patrol. I hope the ABC has some good movies on, I'm not into home shopping shows or that quiz show that rorts ya with the cost of premium rate phone calls and odds that are worse than Crown :p
    I'd stay here and play post ping pong with another owl, but stumps not around anymore so I'd probably spend the night PMing myself :wink:
  12. Caz,

    That sucks. Guess you owe you're brother a sisterly hug.

    FWIW, stand alone, hi res, motion sensing, four camera, hard disk, security systems that are internet capable, are like $600 off ebay from hong kong. Wireless camera versions a little more but easier to install. You can get pc card based systems for half that... but if someone takes your pc, your system's gone...

    ...or get a rotty!
  13. a Rotty :LOL:
    big dogs do big doodoo's, I have enough trouble with my borders doo doo's. I'd have to upsize my pooper scooper if I got a Rotty. :LOL:
  14. I know its stressful when this happens but don't get too paranoid about it you still have to enjoy your life!

    If I was in your position I'd get some bright motion activated spotlights installed and aimed in the area where an intruder would gain access to your property. At night that would be a huge deterant.

    Maybe think about buying a windowless lockable garden shed to store your outdoor stuff in.
  15. ^awesome idea.

    Get another cheap gas bottle, have your local metal engineer reverse the thread on it to standard and provide a reducer that fits a spark-plug.
    Plug the outlet with the spark plug... no wait - this will destroy your garden shed. Nevermind.
  16. Wire the shed/fence orwhatever to the 240v mains.
    Sleep soundly.
    Sweep up the smouldering carcases in the morning. :LOL:
  17. Hey Caz,
    at least the rotten sods could havce taken the lawnmower instead of the can, a fuel can wouldnt have put up much of a fight :wink: :wink:
  18. Tell me about it. I have two rottys and the doodoos are huge. Caz I can sell you some doo doos so you can put them around your place and it will look like if you have rottys.

    I'm going to Vic. in january.


  19. Imagine if he got pulled over -
    Officer - "what's that smell?"
  20. Don't worry, the dogs are coming with me so it can be as fresh as it is when it is warm!!! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: