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I spent the last 2 hours trying to tie my tie

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by wang chung, Oct 4, 2006.

  1. Man, this is hard :LOL:
    I've figured out the knot, now i cant get the lenghts right. ARGG
    I'm pissed off cause i can't find my other tie that has one of them elastic thingys on them

    Imagine if i actually get the job, i'll have to get up at 3am just so i look good.

    Oh, im attempting to go for an office job, when in the past i've only done warehouse / fishing / bean pickin jobs.

    Gone are the days of not sleeping, wearing ratty clothes & wearing the brilliant bike + bed hair combo !!

    I'll have to be like Slyfox and carry hair gel with me where ever i may roam :wink:
  2. I bought a iron about 3 years ago, now its time to figure out how to use it :cry:

    Oh sweet, not only does it iron clothes it's second function is also a water pistol !!
  3. Good luck with the interview mate, I guess you will be looking forward to those casual fridays !! :grin: :grin:
  4. if it all falls through there is always roadwork!

    showering, shaving and Pants are like speed limits......they are optional :LOL:
  5. ooops, doublepost...

  6. Mental note: do NOT apply for positions with Southern Asphalters.
    I hear the "promotion" process can be hard and painful.
    "Hey Timmy, ever seen a grown man naked?"

    Regards, Andrew.
  7. Suits suck. I can't think of a single good reason why in the modern business world, people should have to wear suits and ties.
  8. Or Tutu's... :-w Sh1t

  9. I assume it was made that way cause people show up looking like DIS . lolz


    I dunno how i did today at my interview,

    I had to do maths equations, so i just used my calculator on my phone :LOL:

    Hopefully they will think im really smart and don't even have to show my working out :cool:

    Same thing for the spelling test, had to use the dictionary on my phone. :LOL:
  10. I got the job - "Mobile phone consultant"

    First job interview i go for after i quit and i get it.

  11. nice one stud!

    never fear, Ill teach you to tie a tie :)
  12. Lol, thats what they wanted you to do !!! :grin:
  13. "Ever been in a Turkish prison?"

  14. LoL.. i didn't even see that connection !!
  15. :woot: So Mat.......Hows about hooking us up with a new motorolla ;)

    :LOL: It'll be funny seeing you in a suit
  16. :woot: So Mat.......Hows about hooking us up with a new motorolla ;)

    :LOL: It'll be funny seeing you in a suit
  17. Ask Paul (Hornet600) how to do a tie up !

    He has some pretty ties !

  18. I know, i look out of character.

    I don't own a suit yet... it's been one of them things i wanna get - Mainly so i could go to the races and get drunk :grin:
  19. Man, employment agencie just rang me up and wanted me to drive a forklift @ 26 bucks an hour.

    I'm only gonna get 17-18 casual rate the new job

    Allthough it was just a once off, but it could of lead to ongoing casual work at the same place. :? :? :?
  20. I can give you hundreds of reasons for wearing a suit, and they all start the same way; in the business world, people expect it......