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I sometimes wish I could un-ride a bike and lose that experience.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by grue, Sep 30, 2009.

  1. I'm in the market for a CBR600F4i, and my friends have been making me ride their bikes to try and change my mind. Today one of my best friends let me take out his 848 for a fang, and my heart is broken because I cannot possibly afford one.

    Someone please hold me :(

    (It was actually totally worth it. Now I know what the next bike will be).
  2. Come 'ere then.
  3. Mmm, that's bittersweet right there...
  4. So quick to offer! :tantrum:
  5. take it out again and ride it for at least an hour. Your sore butt will mend your broken heart. ;)
  6. .... or ride it another hour longer till the gearbox turns into a bucket of bolts and leaves you stranded by the side of the road. :-({|=
  7. Nah Seanus, his butt will be sore after paying through it, for the 848... :eek:
  8. You're in Melbourne. So am I. Now what'll really mess you up big time is if I let you take my street-fighter for a ride down a nice twisty road.
  9. Similar thing happened to a mate of mine when a mutual friend asked him to take his 1098 for a week.

    Only positive he said after returning it was he'll be able to keep his license.
  10. I swear, everyone with a bike is the little devil on my shoulder. WHO IS THE ANGEL?! :grin:
  11. Posties, since its pretty hard to lose your license on one.

    I'm not really a fan of the f4i. Dont get me wrong its a great bike - well built and good handling, etc. etc. but pretty bland to ride.
  12. [ot]Hey Flux...you dissappeared for a few months! Where were you? Welcome back.[/ot]
  13. Mate...if you were looking to buy a Hyundai Getz, and someone gave you a Porche RS to take for a spin, you would be equally disappointed...keep it in perspective, and be happy with th bike you have chosen...it IS a good bike, albeit somewhat less than the Duc.
  14. Yeah, but I figure it's probably the "right" bike for me now. It'll be my first 600, and I'll be commuting on it as much as anything. Not to mention I'm 6'4 in my boots, so the super-sporty bikes aren't too comfy.

    True, true!
  15. Hey i know how you feel...im on a Spada (great little bike) but a friend gave me his KTM 990 superduke to ride home from Lorne (down GOR)... Wow! When i jumped back on mine i felt i was barely moving. Only 1 1/2 months of restrictions left though...yeh!
    Good luck with the purchase (what ever you end up with)
  16. Sounds like it'd meet your requirements very well then, they are good commuters/all rounders.

    Something about midsized hondas just strikes me as.. too efficient? Probably sounds crazy but do exactly what you want with smooth linear predictable power - which is ideal for riding quickly. But is seriously lacking in soul somehow. I'd have the same thoughts about my slightly bigger cbr too, but it has enough power make up for it.
  17. Well, you could always turn to crime. I hear prostitution is very profitable, doubly so given the Global Financial Crisis.

  18. Tried it, lost money :-$
  19. You're doing it wrong! :rofl:
  20. Now that would be something!