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I sold the Z *sobs*

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by typhoon, Jun 25, 2006.

  1. I'll miss that bike, was hard to see it go. Now wishing it was back :(
    Here's a tip, don't take the bike for a ride the day before you have to let it go.
    Here she is waiting to be picked up this afternoon,

    Regards, Andrew.
  2. how well I remember these times :cry:

    I just hope you sold it to someone you don't know, and that you won't see it again: sometimes that pain can be worse than the pain of separation......
  3. The guy lives in Woy Woy, so I probably wil see it again.
    Was kind of funny, he turned up with a mouldy leather jacket, he is getting back into riding after a spell. Couldn't think of a better bike to do it on!

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. Hey Andrew,
    Take the panniers off the GTR, and take it out for a ride, hopefully that will help to over your loss. If you want a bit more sport, then put on some after market exhausts on. The exhausts are restrictive, as the bike becomes a little breathless above 7thou.
  5. I have some aftermarket mufflers coming to me off Ebay, I have to modify them to fit as they aren't GTR specific mufflers. Wasn';t going to buy Staintunes....$1100! They are pretty grunty these GTR's, mondo torque. I've almost inadvertently gone unicycle a few times!
    I just have to get this one to handle a bit better, I think I need new fork oil and possibly a front tyre (funny wear due to damaged steering head bearings and front wheel bearing). Bike kind of wanders in corners.
    I like the panniers, I commute on the bike and it's nice to be able to shove the helmet in the pannier if I stop at the shops, plus I can carry two pairs of gloves, neckwarmer, chain, tools, kitchen sink etc with me now!

    Regards, Andrew.