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I sold my SR500 today

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by mattb, Apr 2, 2012.

  1. :|

    A sad day in so many ways.

    But also exciting as I sold the bike in order to take the next adventure.

    I've had my SR for about five years and have covered, at a guess, at least 50,000km on it. An SR is on my A-list of great bikes, but I've had a bug for a very long time to go vintage British and now that I have the W650 as reliable transport and a fantastic weekend bike, I think it's time. (I might cheat and go for a Commonwealth bike rather than purely British - an Indian Royal Enfield looks like a cheap accessible entry to old British design.) I'll still be involved with my old SR as I sold it to a close friend who needs a slow bike after walking for 18 months, and we tend to swap bikes for a day or week at a time for the heck of it, and he said I can buy it back if I get too many regrets. But alas, let's take a moment to remember (cue sentimental music):




    This bike has been a very emotional possession for me, and I've had many of my best motorcycle moments on it.
  2. Did a museum buy it? (Sorry couldn't resist:D)

    I suspect you may someday own a Bonnie.
  3. New or old? I recently bought something that is better than a new Bonnie.
  4. Any bike we have is better than one we don't.

    I saw your link to the W650 (nice bike BTW) which is why I mentioned the Bonnie.

    It's all horses for courses of course, and it's splitting hairs between the W's and Bonnevilles on most points, but parallel twins do seem to work better with a 270 degree crank IMO.

    You certainly seem to be gravitating towards the classic English parallel twin, epitomised by the Bonnie.

    Triumph have regular ride days around the country, it's a good way to pass a Saturday, try a few of the new Bonnies and you'll see what I mean. If only people would sell them more often; they're bloody hard to get second-hand as a bargain.
  5. Yes, they don't lose too much value - $8-10K is typical (I know because I was seriously considering one when I bought my W five months back).

    This is an interesting comparison (open each page in a new tab and click on it to make them legible)
  6. We wanted one too... still do, but like you got sidetracked by another more accessible bike.

    I don't know why they don't make a standard type Bonnie with the 270 crank, other than the Scrambler and the cruisers, I reckon it'd be a cracker of a bike.
  7. Sorry for your loss Mattb... If you do go the RE route.... please please get the new Cafe Racer!!!!

    Make sure you post HEAPS of pics!!!!
  8. A sad day indeed. But at least the bike's still close. :)