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I showed my Gravel road who is boss last night!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by mischiefmaka, Nov 26, 2009.

  1. So Ive had my bike precisely one week today :woot:
    As some of you know i live on a 2km stretch of gravel road which leads out onto a 100 km zone...
    Up until now the gravel has worried me greatly , Ive done a grand total of about 4 hours on a bike up until this point and didn't feel i was anywhere near ready to take on the gravel or the 100 km zone, however after watching 4 hours of UFC :blackeye:i felt ready to take on the world :rolleyes: i was going to have a lash at getting my bike from my driveway to the end of the gravel road...

    I wait for the Husband to come home so he could follow in the car to ensure no one flew up behind me and choked me in a cloud of dust..
    I was told so stick to 20 and keep it in 2nd ( this bike is very hard to keep steady in 2nd, so on a gravel road you can double that degree of difficulty ) so i get to the end, showed the gravel who was Boss ( should be noted that i still have a very healthy respect for the gravel)...My hand is killing me from squeezing the crap out of the throttle to avoid any major lunges when i hit the corrugations, potholes etc in the road ...
    I get to the end and think to myself " Ill just ride over the main road so i can park her on the tarmac shoulder to make it easier for myself "
    *the husband is to ride the rest of the way to my practice car park*

    I hit the tarmac and its an instant relief , smooth, relaxing EASYYYY...
    Stuff the husband im gunna peg along for awhile and finally see 5th gear on this little girl..Off i go, 105 km and hour and i didnt stop until i hit the traffic in Kangaroo flat :biker:

    Spent an hour in the parking lot practicing my 60 km emergency stops and trying to get the hang of the counter steering then i rode her all the way home...This time however i left her in 3rd and sat on 30 kmh when i hit the gravel road and found it HEAPS easier , bike remained smooth and the trip was easy...

    I did sustain an injury on my 1st " proper" ride tho ...I very sore eyeball !! Got dark faster than we anticipated and i have a chrome visor and it was case of down = cant see , up = bugs in ur face at 100 kmh , i chose the bugs 8-[..I Now have " bug eye" and a huge love for my new found hobbie...
  2. Don't squeeze the handlebars so tight. Death grip will bring you unstuck alot quicker than a loose grip. Squeeze you sphincter if you need to squeeze something oh and your tank aswell squeeze it with your legs. You will realize which leg muscles need to be strengthened.

    BTW well done.
  3. Congrates....

    Visor is a must, if its too hot and you like the wind, go to a work store or safety store and buy some clear lens safety glasses to wear when riding with the visor up. (or when you get caught out at night on a tinted visor).
  4. Oh, good on you, well done (from someone who hates gravel roads).
  5. Yeah, well done. My very first road experience was on gravel. I didn't have any major problems (unless you call sliding down a bank a major problem) and since then I've only ridden on sealed roads, but I'm looking forward to getting back out there now that I have a bit more idea of what I'm doing (3 weeks later!).

  6. Fantastic SJ, nothing like a bit of UFC to put things in perspective eh!

    I know what you mean about the bugs, especially in the mornings and evening. Yesterday morning I hit some bees on the way in to bendigo (via mandurang) and one of the little b******s landed on my leg and decided to sting me. Through kevlar and all!

    So much for the protection of draggin jeans... :shock:
  7. well done. during my limited gravel experience I was told to ride in 3rd rather than 2nd as its less likely to spin the rear. but that was on a 600. (the instructor was a former british motocross champion so I believed him)
  8. I also have a short gravel road to get out on too. And it is a hill. I have to turn left then do a u turn, then get my revs, up to get up the hill without it stalling (not good when it stalls on the gravel hill) have always gone up in 1st and not using the clutch either, actually I don't have time to get to 2nd gear as is a small hill. Then going down I can only use rear brake very carefully so as not to lock it up. It is like riding on marbles. At the moment the road is getting worn away from the rain.
  9. well done, you''ll be sailing down that gravel road, steering with the rear, in no time.
  10. You go, girl! Might be an idea to get a clear visor if you're going to be riding after dark. Of course, the safety specs are good for when you get caught out as they're easier to carry. Either way, it beats pink-eye!

    Bugs can really do some damage. A few years back, I copped a bug in the neck whilst doing 260km/h in the NT [when it was legal]. I swear I thought it broke the skin!

    Anyway, congrats on conquering the gravel, but continue to show it the respect it deserves and you'll remain its master... or should that be Mistress?
  11. Uncosnail- Your road sounds like a massive pain in the butt and you have far more to negotiate than i do...I have 3 options with my dirt roads..

    turn right- ( the opposite direction to the way i want to travel ) this it is the shortest root to the made road and the straightest but it does bring me out at a very dangerous sharp bend on the 1000 khm road so its a bit dicey getting out there.

    Turn Left - a good km longer and it has some blind hills that some morons like to get airborn over, but it does bring you out at a much safer main rd intersection

    Turn right and then immediately left - this is the root i take in the car, same distance as 1st root, much safer intersection exit , however it has deeper gravel and 3 pretty sharp bends 2 of which u can not see around...

    So lesser of the 3 evils really....I chose root one to leave and root 3 to get home....

    Monkeyman- its amazing how fast u become comfortable with it, i did slip a little yesterday in my driveway when i rode my bike up to the house to wash it, but i regained control and avoided a fall, my driveway is massively stuffed after all the rain we have had, there is no flat section anymore so i slipped on a slant.

    Highwaybruiser- Cheers mate ...thats Mistress:p
    I have a mate getting me some clear wrap around motorbike glasses that i can store under my seat just in case i get caught after dark..Never imagined bugs/moths could sting that much...Got no idea why my crazy insane dogs bust a valve to hang their heads out the window to cop all that crap haha
  12. Good work.