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I should SUE as well. I could do with some $$$

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Justus, May 10, 2007.

  1. Costly complaints embarrass

    By Paul Kent
    May 10, 2007 03:00am

    Photo: Waise Yusofzai

    THE court case about the bloke suing a nightclub for emotional distress for – shock, horror –
    refusing him entry.


    GEE, I hope Waise Yusofzai makes good on his case to sue Sydney bar The Establishment,
    the trendy watering hole which had the temerity to (Warning: cover the children's eyes here,
    mums and dads) ... deny him entry.

    That's right. Denied entry at the door, Mr Yusofzai claims he has been so embarrassed his
    life is a shambles and the only way to suitably recover is with a nice fat damages claim.

    A real estate agent, he is no longer able to socialise with clients, he claims. Worse, he claims
    he is 'half a person' and also 'psychologically damaged'.

    His confidence is shot, he claims, and he no longer goes to bars because he feels 'uncomfortable'
    walking in. All of which is wonderfully encouraging for the rest of us.

    Take me, for example. If Mr Yusofzai is "psychologically damaged" after being denied entry
    to one nightclub, as he claims, then I must be a total wreck. If he gets even a smidgen of the
    $50,000 he is seeking in compensation, then I could be sitting on a gold-plated fortune and
    not even know it.

    Maybe it helps to understand if we take a checklist of Mr Yusofzai's claims.

    Yellow1c. He is seeking $20,000 for psychological injury and another $30,000 for lost income.

    Yellow1c. He wants $500 for cab fares to and from the bar and for the round of top-end drinks he bought
    for clients once he eventually gained entry.

    Yellow1c. And he wants $300 reimbursed for the cost of his leather shoes, which he "more or less" wore
    out when he was forced to walk from the bar to Central Station to catch a taxi after being refused.
    Which way did he go? Via Parramatta?

    Yet if Mr Yusofzai is making his claim then we all might as well stake our own, right?

    Fair's fair. The claim I would probably start with is the night I tried to get into The Establishment
    myself, with two mates, when we had the little problem, a minor problem really, of a little blood on
    my shirt.

    The blood is a whole other story, and certainly not one for here.

    In an inspired piece of thinking, however, I borrowed my mate's leather jacket to cover the incriminating
    spots and we headed towards the door walking as straight as we could manage, convinced we only
    had to hold it together for a few moments to make our way past the bouncers and into the promised

    'Sorry mate,' the bouncer said, 'You're too drunk.' That was cool. We had practised for this.
    'No I'm not,' I said, cheerfully but with a nice even control. 'I haven't had that much.'

    It was a solid effort and we believed nearly a successful one, but the bouncer looked down with those
    big sorry eyes they sometimes get and gave a small shake of his head. 'Mate,' he said. 'Your jacket's on
    upside down.'

    Let me tell you, if Mr Yusofzai's psychological injury is worth $20,000, I could have owned that bar!
    Unfortunately my recuperative powers seemed to be a little better than Mr Yusofzai's and we simply
    turned away, fitted the jacket right side up, and then headed into Jackson's On George a short stutter
    down the road - where I fell asleep at a table. But if only I'd known.

    The good news for everybody else is that now we all do know, so we wait to see what will happen
    if Mr Yusofzai is successful with his claim. If he is, then with a little luck we can fill the courts with our
    own civil cases, one after the other, all of us wanting our own little earn for the night we got turned
    away at the door. Oh the embarrassment, we'll wail.

    Admittedly, Mr Yusofzai was not drunk like most others are when he attempted to enter the bar, and
    the reason given to him, he claims, was that there was 'too many males' already inside.

    The bar claims it was a safety issue. Such claims have formed the legal wrangling that has made up the
    case, with the decision currently being reserved by the tribunal.

    Of course, there is an alternative ending to this impending madness which, in my opinion, is what the
    tribunal should say to Mr Yusofzai: Get over it. fing06.


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  2. The bouncer did him a favor...one of the worst bars in Sydney.
  3. Do they have good bars in Sydney anymore? I used to like the King George Hotel, on the corner of, wait for it, King and George Streets. It was bulldozed years ago for office blocks.

    Whenever I make the trip to Sin City I find myself struggling to find a decent pub in the CBD. Now I have no doubt being remarkably ignorant about what's in the CBD doesn't help my cause but here's the list of things I'd like to avoid:
    - A bar that is sometimes an organic/vegetarian restaurant;
    - A hotel lobby;
    - Faux Irish or English Pubs (We have that down here, surely you guys have moved on?);
    - Paying seven dollars for a beer;
    - A dress code designed to impress the tossers who work in the clothing departments at DJ's

    And in honour of Waise Yusofzai I'd like to add to my list

    - Precious Real Estate who can't cope with the pressure of rejection.
  4. Pet hate of mine. The only genuine "Irish" pub I've seen around is the harp hotel at Tempe. Dogs allowed inside (dags?) a good little fiddle/banjo jam group and Irish dancing!

    thanks for sharing
  6. It is hard to find a good place in/around the Sydney CBD.

    I always enjoy the Mercantile whenever I'm there (on George Street, keep following it in the direction of the Rocks/Circular Quay and you'll eventually get to it).

    The Harp is a magic pub if hard to get to, wasn't too bad as I used to live somewhat in the area.
  7. Right, so I can sue a certain gay establishment for not letting me because I'm straight... (Just don't mention the fact that I wasn't wearing closed in shoes, it was definitely because I am straight)

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  10. +1
  11. i guess his lady friends may think twice when they comment on his tiny pecker for fear of a lawsuit! :shock: :LOL:
  12. if there's a chance in f'n hell that could possibly pay off for him, he's bribed the judge.

    +1 to everyone else about psychological damage from that... i want:

    $20,000 a pop for being refused entry
    $30,000 each time i've been thrown out
    $50,000 for the time i got actually thrown out
    $7500 for each pair of shoes i've walked home in from drinking til my moneys gone, disallowing me to catch a taxi.
  13. Haha.....haha....

    *Rubbing hands together*

    Wonder how much i'll get :LOL:
  14. This is what happened to America. So now NO ONE WHAT SO EVER, has to take responsibilty for their actions, just sue :jerk: I blame the judges if he doesnt get anything but laughed out of court.
  15. He doesn't have a hope! Those things are pre-existing conditions - he's a real estate agent! :LOL:
  16. I haven't been to that one.

    What's so good about The Establishment?

    Is the music quiet enough for you to actually hear and talk to your mates?!???
  17. Man, I'd be a millionaire if I got paid everytime the Establishment denied me entry... It's a shit hole. Even the typical Sydney Wankers think of it as a "Wanker Bar".

    You've got Jacksons (shithole) down the road, The Brooklyn (less of a shithole) across the road, and the beautiful Rocks (full of great pubs - The Lowenbrau, Hero Of Waterloo etc) just a bit further down from Jacksons...

    I think this bloke needs commiting if he's that distressed about not getting into the gayest pub in Sydney (and yes that includes the Zbar and the Stonewall).

    The only decent drinking holes in the city are the KB hotel, the Underground and the Sir John Paul Young.
  18. Luckily, because of our legal structure / system we haven't and won't get as bad as the "Good Ole US of A...."

    BUt stories like this do irritate me. I'd be however interested in hearing all the facts, not the tabloid version. :?
  19. Good luck, I know Justin Hemmes,he owns the establishment and a number of Sydney upmarket pubs/bars, and is currently building a multi million venue at Martin Place and George Street in Sydney. He has money to burn, and QC's to spend it on......