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I should never have fiddled with that Idle!!

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by gpxkermit250, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. couldnt help it... just had to stuff around and turn the idle dial didnt I!

    My GPX250 was idling just a bit lower than I wanted it to. On the odd ocassion it would just cut out when at lights etc..

    So I twisted it only the slightest amount to turn it up, which it has but there is a problem....

    I take off, all good, and then when stopping again with the clutch in or in neautral its sits revving at 3 to 4 thousands RPM for at about 10 to 15 seconds before it slowly slowly slowly gets itself back to the 1300rpm mark.

    It has never done that before, ever...

    If I can be bothered I will put it in gear and with the front brake on and let the clutch out till it almost stalls, and then re engage the clutch. This drops the revs bck to normal idle and its all ok untill the next time I take off and we go through the whole thing again.

    I have just had the bike serviced, so am pretty sure I could take it back and get them to fiddle/fix it etc, but I cant be stuffed for the dropping it off, picking it up, waiting for mechanic etc. If I need to I will, but will it fix itself over time or is there anything I can do to tighten/loosen something or whatever to stop it from doing this?

  2. your carbs may not be well. you could try a carb cleaner but it might be beyond that.
  3. On all 3 kawasaki's i have owned they all do exactly the same thing.
    Drop your idle back down.

    Get your carbs cleaned and sync'd up.
  4. Do it. Sounds like you need a carb synch more than anything, that tends to sort out an unreliable idle.
  5. you've just turned it a tad much. jus put it back to normal. wen its low its coz the engine might be cold after a few min ride it should go back to normal. was early early in the morning?
  6. Set it with the Engine Hot.
  7. +1 if you fiddle with it when its not throughly warmed up, it will explode! no seriously, i have one and ive had the same thing.. i fiddle with it often, looking for a happy take off time without excessive idle speeds.
  8. Hang up on a closed throttle is an indicator of lean idle mixture. clean and balance the carbies (easy on a twin), set the idle and then ebrichen the mixture screws until in no long hangs up.

    your bike will run better than it ever has.
  9. all fixed!

    Got the carbies balanced and vacume hose replced as was leaking.. sorted

    Runs awesome now.. Thanks for the advice and interest on this one peoples...