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I should have worn boots with ankle protection & armour

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by p_stampy, Oct 24, 2005.

  1. Not a bike related accident, but whilst walking down my driveway (3m from my front door) i rolled my ankle and skinned my knee & leg. How it happened i still dont know - wet conditions? no gripp left on my runners? not paying enough attention? .. the list is endless...

    If i'd been wearing boots with ankle protection & leg armour i might have come off a bit better!!

    Went to hospital cos I wasn't able to walk, but the x-rays showed up no breaks luckerly.

    I dont think I'll be able to ride for a little while though, Im on crutchers for the moment :(
  2. The main thing is you're (mostly) ok, you can always buy another... ;)

    Sounds ouch!

  3. Hmm, p_not_so_stampy?

    Tough luck mate, GWS.
  4. Sounds like you have done something similar to me.

    Playing baskteball in the preliminary final i rolled my ankle all the way. Was on crutches for a while. I did it in June and i'm still not able to run properly. What sucked the most was that my basketball team went on to win the grand final while i sat on the bench and had too watch.

    I will now be looking forward to wearing a huge brace in sport for the rest of my life.

    I know what its like, everyone trying to help you, you feeling helpless. But you'll be up and around soon enough.

    Good luck.
  5. I sympathise with you mate. A badly rolled ankle feel like someone sticking a hot knife into your ankle.

    I have done my ankle THREE times!! However the last time was a doozy. I was playing tennis and between sets i was keeping warm on the training wall. However there was a newby next to me and she hit a bad shot which rolled to the wall bounced off sideways and straight under my foot while i was running for a shot.

    Put it this way, my leg stayed vertical, whilst my ankle did it best effort to go 100% horizontal. Needless say a loud, very audible (heard by the coach 30m away) popping sounds erupted from my ankle. It went over so far i actually grazed my ankle bone whilst remainding upright (gives you a good idea of how much it twisted, looked alittle like: L) . I now only have 3 of the 4 main ligaments, and have twice as much movement in that ankle then i do in the other. OUCH!

  6. Yeah been on the end of a basketball ankle injury too many times. Took so long to heal the first few times, then came the ankle braces and then came the retirement!! Ankles are stuffed nowadays. Just get some good physio and do good strengthining exercises. Make sure you stay on those crutches..
  7. good news after iceing it a lot today, its starting to look more and more normal again.. found some ankle exercises also which seemed to have helped... im hoping i wont be out for 8 weeks like everything ive been reading says!!
  8. I second b12 ... find a good sports physio and follow the regime. The way the body responds to these injuries has to be slowly countered if you don't want problems for life.

    I speak from experience :(
  9. I agree with what previous posters have mentioned. I myself have done my ankle in over 15 times (left foot) and as a consequence it has been reconstructed with some nice metal pins. Without constant physio during the healing stage, I know my ankle would still be completely rooted.

    It’s still no where near as good as what it used to be so I have to have my gear lever position very low because I have a limited range of movement in my ankle.

    Thats the price you pay for going through a skateboarding phase!
  10. Love your signature blue muppet!

    Just to enlarge on my comment p_stampy:

    when you get one of these injuries, the body usually shuts down the nerve/muscle pathways. That makes sense in the short term, but in the long term you need them working again. A good physio can tell you how to get them working again, and stronger. Otherwise, other pathways compensate and you end up twisted.

    My non-tech understanding of long years spent in rehab.
  11. Well some good news, my ankle has been getting better pretty quickly (according to physio) and yesterday i could walk down steps without making a weird look on my face like im in complete agony!

    And best of all, I went to see if my bikr started today (which required persistance..anyway).. she evetually started and i decided to go for a lil ride, and damn.. it felt so good :)
  12. Take the riding easy, do what your physio says and take your time. A long complete recovery beats a short incomplete recovery!
  13. That made me cringe nightrider. I did my achilles tendon in a similar fashion.