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I saw today........

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by E2W, Dec 5, 2011.

  1. Walking along in East Melbourne today I see this bump up the kerb and the rider climb off and go for a coffee. Looked trick.

  2. That's everything 3 wheels
  3. Saw that at southbank last week as well. Is that an MP3?
  4. Looks like the fuaco or whatever it is called.
  5. Brilliant.

    Perfect mix of speed, carrying capacity, ease of use and motorvike size for that purpose.
  6. fuoco 500.

    I gotta say I think these are ugly machines but I've had a chance to test ride them all (mp3 250, mp3 400 and Fuoco 500) and can only say they are the best bit of fun and a terrific piece of engineering.
  7. Hope the ambos do well in their trial.
  8. they look wider than a standard bike, or is that an illusion? If they are wider, makes filtering slightly harder, on the other hand, cars wouldn't need to move very far to be out of the way compared to a full ambo.
  9. What's old is new again I think.My punt would be that all riders of said bikes are advanced care paramedics??

    Hey,the ugly ones can be fun to ride -the bikes I mean.
  10. That's cool, I've never seen one of these in ambo form. Cool!
  11. Didn't we just have a thread on these?
  12. Saw one of these at the foo fighter concert. Finger crossed the trial goes well.
  13. Where the **** does all there gear go??? The london units have big panniers full of stuff, and the ambo bags i've seen at scenes are much bigger then that top box.

    -posting on phone; spelling likely fukd
  14. heaps of room under the seat, much more than a pair of panniers.
  15. Its either a very good idea, or its a fiasco.
  16. The MP3-variants' storage is more like a car boot than a normal underseat and they're nearly impossible to lock up on bad surfaces, where's the fiasco?~
  17. saw one today too. looked pretty good.
  18. My father was a rider for the NRMA roadservice back in the early 90's. They were riding BMW's and had space for a surprising amount of tools (with standard side panniers. Around the centre of sydney a bike could make it in a third of the time a Car could.

    I daresay that these are going to be used primarily to stabilise people before a proper ambulance arrives. I do wonder how they are going to deal with the motorcycle awareness issues :S.
  19. It's a brilliant idea! Well spotted!

    I believe they are first on scene paramedics, aren't they?
  20. Well I certainly hope they will work on educating car drivers to take better care.. In saying so I have already seen few adds regarding cars interaction with motorbikes so it may be a good thing..