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I saw a kid yesterday...

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by dan, Aug 15, 2005.

  1. This kid, would have been about 7 or 8 years old, riding around on the footpath near a local park with a few of his little friends. They were having a ball. Racing each other, chasing each other, making lots of noise and generally doing what kids do best... made me really look forward to having kids of my own.

    But these kids were all pure evil (esp in NSW!)...

    Rule Offence Demerits Fine
    245(a) Not sit astride bicycle rider's seat 1 $50
    245(b) Not ride bicycle with hands on bars 1 $50
    245(c) Ride bicycle in incorrect position 1 $50
    247 Not ride in bicycle lane 1 $50
    256 Rider not wear bicycle helmet fastened 1 $50
    96A(2) Ride bicycle furiously 1 $50

    To name a few...

    The poor bright eyed kid would have lost half a car driver's licence and $250 just for being out in the sunshine doing what we all did growing up. I'm not saying cops are so heartless that they would book them, but it when we keep getting so many frivolous rules and regulations, it dampens my spirits somewhat.
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  3. Dan, your life will be immeasurably enriched with the advent of a little Dan (or Danielle, as the case may be)
    I agree with you about the kids, but the problem is that more and more kids ride bikes, and fewer suffer head injuries as a result of these regulations. What are we to do? Roll back the compulsory helmet regulations, and allow more of our precious children to be injured or worse, just in the name of freedoms? With hostile traffic and more cars around than ever, surely protecting them from that, and their own carelessness, is a small price to pay (even if they DO ride furiously!)?
  4. What's this "ride bicycle furiously" charge? Does it mean that you have to be in a good mood to ride a bike in NSW?
  5. This was in the most part meant to be highlight just how many offences are in the road rules regarding actions that we generally associate with inoccuous behaviour (not pushin reforms of bicycle laws, or trying to turn this into a bicycle forum - just promoting discussion :roll: ).
  6. I say lock them up in Cuba for a few years, without charge and then give them a shonky trial!
  7. Problem is, lots of these stupid laws are not being enforced, and, worse yet, some of the not-so-stupid ones either. There's no point making a law if you have neither the resources nor the will to follow it up with enforcement. (That said I do shudder when I see kids risking life and limb on pushies!)
  8. i remember riding down the hill with my best mate when we were in say grade 4, and he asked me while flying down this hill.. "HEY DAN, TRY TO RIDE CROSS ARMED"



    (sorry, random bicycle story :D)
  9. I did that once as a kid on my bike. ouch for sure!!!
  10. I tried pushing my half dislodged thong back on with my front wheel once.

    Forethought is not a strong point for kids.

    Come to think of it . . . .
  11. It's the law that gets the cops off lightly if they are chasing you and you ride off but meet with some misadventure. The cops say " it wasn't cos we were chasing him that he crashed and killed himself, it was cos he was riding furiously. See it says here that he can't ride like that. And we weren't even chasing him anyway." :p
  12. You would really need to know more about that story than what made it into the press to make that comment and be serious; I trust you WERE joking??? :?
  13. Sorry, what story? And from the pokey-outey tongue emoticon, I assume bogus was joking... :)
  14. I assumed he was alluding to a well-publicised case here in Sydney. If you weren't, bogus, sorry, I over-reacted!!
  15. Sorry, what case? I'm still intrigued.
  16. :shock: :shock: :shock:

    The mind boggles at the very thought.

    .... or are you talking about footwear!...
  17. Aboriginal kid was chased by some cops on his push bike and died after falling on a fence.

    It was the incident that sparked the Redfern riots.

    Well it was the straw anyway.
  18. Oh that one. I can see why bogus would have been cynical then...
  19. Police were chasing a young aboriginal lad (with a long criminal record) through Redfern last year. They were in a paddy wagon, and abandoned the chase when he got away from them. He then rode down between two buildings and lost control of the bike and fell, impaling himself on a wrought iron fence, resulting in his death. The radical aboriginal element in Redfern used his death to trigger a riot in which dozens of police were injured, and no good resulted on either side.
    What bogus wrote sounded very like an apologia for the radical "the cops killed TJ" element, and I reacted on the basis of that perception. I was, as I have already acknowledged, probably wrong to do so; sometimes it can walk like a duck and still not be one!
  20. Without jumpin to conclusions, what possible reason could law makers have to want to outlaw 'riding a bicycle furiously'? Most laws come out of situations that have occurred in the past, what was this one's precedent I wonder?