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I said NO, I don't want fries with that !!! chk-chk . . .

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mickyb V9, Jun 17, 2009.

  1. Guess he wasnt happy about waiting 7 minutes for an apple pie? :?

    Not funny though... you have to wonder what makes people just click and go postal. Hope everyone is ok.
  2. Re: I said NO, I don't want fries with that !!! chk-chk . .

    Only if you're from Newcastle :p

    Police were called to the restaurant at a service centre near the corner of the Oxley Highway and Pacific Highway just after 8am (AEST),

    Bobs from Coffs way, this is at the turnoff to Port Macquarie
  3. The mid north coast is a great place to live. When its not on fire, in drought or flooding. Or being shot up apparently.
  4. yes, well sort of....if it the macca's i am think it's the one at the end of the oxley, if so i had breaky there on the nr tour to qld a few years ago :)
  5. Good place for a gunman to be held up !
    He'd have his head under the frozen-coke machine for sure ! :LOL:

    Bets are, I reckon it will be a case of a mental health patient and there will be calls on the lack of mental health services on the mid north coast.
  6. Coming soon...the McSiege burger.
  7. they would need a sharp shooting marketing campaign for that