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I rode to Chadstone!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Kowai, Jun 25, 2009.

  1. I rode to Chadstone on my bike tonight and I bought some pretty clothes for a party tomorrow night! :LOL: So proud of myself, the ride went pretty well except for being a -tiny- bit cold (need to rug up slightly more and make sure my neckwarmer is up all the way) and I even ended up parked next to another Hyo Aquila!

    It was weird walking around in my motorbike gear and I think I scared one of the shop assistants :grin:

    SO DUMB OF ME THOUGH I left my keys in the ignition on my bike and was shopping for about half an hour or MORE before I realised! I just had this sick feeling in my stomach and rushed back to my bike which was THANKFULLY still there!! :cry: Omg.. Atleast that was the -worst- part of my ride except for stalling twice on the way back (about 100m from home Lol)

    All in all a good experience and wasn't as bad as I thought :) Its also the same way I take to work so maybe soon I can start commuting?

  2. Hey, you're really gettin' out there.

    Good for you.

    2 more sleeps!!!!

  3. That's the good thing about owning a Hyosung - nobody will steal it (unless they're totally desperate). :LOL:
  4. Well Done Kowai!

    Great confidence booster i bet, besides the ignition thing... could just picture your face (even though i havnt seen you lol) as soon as the penny dropped.
    :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:

    Good luck, and BE SAFE!
  5. hahah!...good to hear your experience. good thing tho, i bet you'll never forget your keys again :wink:

    if at home and in the garage i leave the keys in my bike...i get paranoid :|
  6. Hah good work bud, traffic is tough around that area I can imagine (what time of day was it??)

    As for the keys thing, I pulled into a servo once after the visor on my helmet blew off (doing a headcheck while merging at 100) to get some sunglasses for the trip home, "lost" my keys in the process :shock: , stuck at some servo in a town I didn't know as a learner with a busted helmet and no idea where my keys were - thankfully they turned up but when you've got so much gear to think about they're not so second nature like in a car!
  7. Well done chicky :grin:

    Ziggy an I did our own TNMR last night .. LOL

    Went up and around the back streets and into the industrial area ..

    I led :roll: so poor Ziggy still had his braking practice :oops:

    but was fun ... I'll get the hang of night riding yet :shock:
  8. Haha yes! I was just like.. "Man I hope I have all my gear and didn't leave any in a shop"... *stops*.. "Where are my... OH fcuk! Where did I leave them? In my backpack? Pocket? Did I even BRING them in OMG FUCCKKK THEY'RE IN MY BIKE OMG I'M AN IDIOT AHHH!!" *Runs back to bike*

    It's like putting a big sign on my bike "PLZ STEAL FOR THE LULZ" :shock:

    Oh and haha GoTeam :wink: I knew someone would say that! :LOL: I know that a motorcyclist would never steal it but someone who didn't know better.... ;) Hmmm free helmet + bike with keys in the ignition? Weeee!

    Oh and for those wondering I rode from St Kilda to Chadstone shopping centre at night for the late night shopping :LOL: (What a chick huh?) So I was on the road... Hmm about 7pm and then again at 9pm
  9. I always enjoy riding to Chadstone, as nothing feels better than rolling right up to the Borders/JB HiFi entrance and parking in front of the scores of cars cruising around the carpark looking for a space.

    It sounds like you are really building your confidence Kowai, which is great. I remember only weeks ago you were saying how you were too nervous to ride around St Kilda :grin:

    Keep it up!

    (may see you guys for the ride on Saturday... tossing up my ability to get there on a 150 with a 5 litre tank :LOL: )
  10. Good on you.

    I used to have issues with leaving the keys in the bike until I got into an order when getting off the bike.

    Was wondering how many posts it would take to get to a hyosung joke :p
  11. Well Done !!!!!

    :LOL: @ GoTeam
  12. not sure if the aquilla has a under seat storage or anything. But i always store my gloves in my cibby there so after i switch off i gotta use the key to get my gloves in.

    ....prevents me from leaving the keys in the ignition.....butttt....hasn't stop'd me from forgetting and leaving my key in the storage lock :?
  13. Haha yeah the only thing I had to watch out for was pedestrians getting in my way! Who do they think they are walking around on that footpath area! :LOL: They always look so nervous when I'm maneouvering around.. Like I'm going to suddenly leap forward and run them over :roll:

    I wish I had storage space on the Aquila but the only thing under my seat is a -tiny- gap which has some tools in there.. I was so hoping for a decent storage space to fit all my shopping in... :p (Actually I checked it out weeks ago, I think I could fit something tiny but thats it)
  14. oh come on she already got a big enough hyo bashing in another thread
  15. Heeeeeyyyyyyyy!
  16. there there *pats hyo tank on ground*

    hehehe :LOL:
  17. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  18. Oh yeah I forgot to mention having to walk back afterwards and pick up the bits of bike I left along the way..... :wink:

  19. I remember doing that a few years back at Eastern Creek. It was a big meeting and they wouldn't let you park in the pits so I took the bike right up to the top of the hill overlooking Turn 2 and carried all my gear, binoculars, etc, down to the pits.

    At the end of the day I pulled my stuff apart about twice trying to find my keys before I stopped and did the old check over of where I'd been and realised that I didn't recall taking the keys out of the ignition.

    By this time the bike had been parked for probably 6 hours, but, sure enough, when I finally got back to it, it was still there and the keys were hanging out of the ignition!

    Phew. Thak goodness road racing spectators are honest people.
  20. nice goin, sounds like your confidence is coming along nicely. in 3 months, you'll look back and say "wow i knew NOTHING, i was such a noob!" and then another 3 months after that "how did i even stay on two wheels when i started???" LOL ive been riding for about 7 months and still learn new stuff all the time, its great!
    oh and i left my keys in my bike at work in a busy carpark once a few weeks ago, i think most people do it at some stage :p