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I rode the Fury today!!

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by sLowBrian, Dec 2, 2009.

  1. Took the VT1300CX Chopper for a demo today, all I can say is WOW!!:grin:
    I was really excited about the demo ride, had booked in weeks ago when the demo tour was announced, and have been counting down the days! Arrived at Team Moto Honda Nerang right on 2pm, found the bikes lined up and ready to roll. Because my wife was coming along as well, (she is always with me!) we got to ride the fully kitted out version with the custom seat and sissy bar. I had a grin a mile wide as we rode down Lawrence Dr, took me about 50 metres to feel comfortable with it. Easy, I hear you say, considering you ride a VTX1300 anyway. And be that as it may, the fact is the Fury is a totally different bike to the VTX. Although the specs sheet puts the Fury a little heavier than the VTX, the Fury feels lighter, more agile & nimble. And responsive as well! It fair gallops along, even two up as we were, it handled the mix of roads the ride took us on, and handled it well. We took the Nerang Murwillumbah Rd out to the Gilston turn, then back in through Tallai, top of Mudgeeraba, then onto the M1 and back to Team Moto. I gave it a bit of throttle on the M1, and pulled alongside one of the other riders, he looked very comfortable on it and I noticed he had a big grin too!
    It handles well, and has power aplenty. The only downside I can see is I would invest in forward controls to push my big feet a few inches further, and a custom sissy bar that's a tad higher than the genuine one on the bike we rode today, just for my wifes comfort. But these are minor issues. It's a bloody good ride IMHO.

  2. I'm amazed you got that far, considering the embarrasingly undersized tank.
    That would probably be my only major gripe with this bike.

    Good report though. Thanks.
  3. Well, I guess if you wanted to travel more than a couple hundred K's between fuel stops it would be, so I guess it's not for the Iron Butt Rally. But I can't think of anywhere that I would ride it that would require a bigger tank. Here's a pic of the bike we rode......



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  4. Oh I know it's a thing of beauty. I was just making fun about the tank :LOL:
  5. on face value, i agree the tank is too small, and like most cruisers these days, that god damn fender sits way too far off the wheel...

    as you could tell it's a real gripe of mine! :)

    will definitely take a closer look through
  6. Thanks for the write-up. $21,500 - hmm.
  7. How did the pillion like it?
  8. Hi guys, I was thinkin' about it yesterday and zilli's comment about cruisers made me realize something..... this bike isn't a cruiser, it's a chopper! Definite difference in styling there. And one of the main characteristics of a chopper is a smaller tank. (How did Peter Fonda manage to get across the USofA with that peanut tank stuffed full of drug money?.... that's what I wanna know.. :?: )


  9. She liked it a lot!! But she also felt a little uncomfortable with the small back rest. If we were to buy one, we would have to have a custom back rest manufactured to provide a bit more security for the pillion. She's used to the larger one on our VTX.