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I rode like a total gumby today

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by minglis, Jan 18, 2011.

  1. I seemed to make an endless stream of mistakes today. I stalled at lights (once), I rode with my indicator on (forgot to cancel it... twice) I managed to put it into neutral instead of second, I got myself stuck on the wrong lane and was just generally horrible on my throttle control... Glad the day is over. Anyone else have these kinds of days, or is it just me?? :oops:

  2. Yep!
    Are you gonna think about clutch/throttle control, positioning etc tomorrow?
    Then it wasn't a waste ;)
  3. We all made and still make those mistakes from time to time.
    Tomorrows a new day.
    Since you have the same bike as me I used to also put it in the neutral on the way up from 1st the 2nd and down from 2nd to 1st. Don't be shy give it a nice thud of your toes upward/downward and it will shift to where you want it to going from 1st to 2nd and 2nd to 1st.
    minglis my bro lives around your area and I regularly visit him on the weekends. If you feel like going for a local fang let me know and we can admire each others bikes.
  4. ...... Sure do have those days!!.... It starts all over again when you change bikes too!!....:-s
  5. lol how many sugars in your lattes?
    Ducatis next??

  6. I also am glade when those days are over :p

    maybe thats an indicator that it's not quite over yet?

    Or maybe it's 2 indicators you forgot to cancel? :p
  7. yeah, sure, I'd love to go for a ride. Let me know when your coming my way.

    Btw, I noticed on another thread you were talking about auto answer on the iPhone. FYI I have an iPhone, and while the phone doesn't auto answer, my BT Headset does. (Interphone F4)
  8. Seems like every day is a gumby day for me of late lol bloody stupid motormrcyles.
    I have not been out on my new bike in ages. Well once sinced I have owned it. It was cornering like shoite. Or was it me ?? The roads are like a mine field up here with all the rain. And I was in almost beach apparel. I still cant get a boot on my right foot and it was too bloody hot for a jacket. I said to myself I was going to take it easy anyway. Being injured and all.
    I got home and the front tyre had 18psi in it, and it rained all the way home. Ouch that rain hurts.
    That will teach me.
  9. MATE....we all have gumby days, no matter how experienced we are. Learn from it, and move on.
  10. Yep, lazy shift is a common thing between 1st & 2nd and you'll do it from time to time regardless how long one has been riding.

    I was reading on some internet site a while ago discussion of this and some experienced riders suggested the following:

    Most riders tend to tap up or down for a gear change.
    Basically when accelerating thru your gears, you pull clutch in, lift gear lever up with your foot, release your foot then let the clutch out and same process when down shifting.

    He suggested a different approach which helps avoid false changes.

    When Accelerating, pull clutch in, lift gear lever with foot and hold it up, release clutch THEN release the up pressure with your foot on the gear lever.

    Takes a little getting used to but it can quite easily become second nature..
  11. Just remember....

    Every Corner is a new start.
  12. it happens to everyone (except perhaps for Rossi & Co)

    it's bad biorhythms, or something

    when it happens to me, if I have the choice, I go home, my experience at least has taught me that I don't 'ride myself out of' these sorts of blues
  13. yep, have those days all the time... Important to always remember to try and be smooth. Not fast. Smooth. Smooth is fast. Fast is smooth. On a bike anyway.

    Oh and stay upright!
  14. Nah Paul, even Rossi has bad days!

  15. wonder what is going through his head at this point...

    We should have a "caption this photo" competition :D
  16. There's a few photos of his offs around, and he almost makes it look graceful every time! I think one is a demotivational poster, hang on...


    Same crash, different angle!
  17. Haha an Aprilia oh and a caramellatte with no sugar. Don't tell me you didn't know theres an awesome cafe next to Kensignton station. They make better coffee than the kebab shops in Auburn. Hey admiring means riding too :)
    Will do minglis. You can take me on a back street tour of your area and I can do the same in my area.

    Yes I still haven't put an end to my headset issue so will check that out when I see you.

    Hit false neutral a handful of times in the upper gears while going fast and thought what da, since then been doing along above lines and works fine.

    And the most important thing is to remain on your bike after the corner is finished.
  18. I thought he was applying for a grant from the ministry of silly walks.
  19. why on earth would you spoil perfectly good coffee with milk and sugar??
  20. My solution to the false neutral thing is:

    Pressure on gear lever, pull clutch, release gear lever, release clutch.

    Has worked for me since gearboxes had a false neutral between all gears in the '70's.

    Same for clutchless shifts:

    Pressure on gear lever, shut throttle, gear changes, release gear lever.

    Most important.....Gumby day, slow down.