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I ride a motorcycle FAIL! thread

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by goz, Sep 23, 2012.

  1. Post you FAIL! videos here

    Some of them are absolute crack ups

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  2. Goz you shouldnt make fun of idiots.............they cant help that they are idiots.

    At least the blonde there managed to look sexy while doing it :).....

  3. idiots are fun to watch :)
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  4. Richard takes 1 for the team

  5. This bloke had me in stitches :rofl::rofl:

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  6. Gee that copper was pretty calm considering he split past him. My experience with cops around here would be very different to that.
  7. There is only one word that keeps coming out of my mouth when watching this. WHY?!
  8. Why what mate?
  9. Why do they put themselves trough this...
  10. To entertain us :)
  11. Its one of those brilliant things about the way the world works that the chance of someone doing something stupid and entertaining is increased dramatically by the presence of a video camera.

  12. Throw in the phrase "whats the worse that could happen" and you get this little gem
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  14. 'There's no reverse on this':
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  15. lol love a good noob who think they are so cool now they have a motorcycle, many hours of entertainment
  16. a few years old but still worthy
  17. dosnt work mick, they disabled embedding, but i know which 1 you are thinking of :)
  18. Found it posted under a new heading...try to post again