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I ride a black bike....

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Guest, Feb 13, 2006.

  1. and was jus wondering if it's common place for riders to put a small strip of reflective tape on their helmet, jacket etc? I'm not talking about a huge X or anything just a small piece.
    The reason I ask is that well, i'm sure i'm not the first person to think of it, but I haven't seen anyone doing it? I reckon it could really help (obviously at night) to have something like this? Any thoughts?

  2. Seena fair few people with those reflective council vests on while riding. Looks a bit funny, but makes 'em stand out from the crowd...

    Lot's of the cordura/kevlar jackets have reflective bits on them already...
  3. never thought of it
    and now that u just posted this up i just might do it
    i dont mind a bit of tape here and there on the helmet lol
    do u know of any good reflecting tape ??
  4. reflective tape :shock: you'll ruin the tuff guy image!!! :p :p

    personally, i wouldn't bother. if a car cant see your big bright red tail light, i'd say they wont see a small strip of reflective tape :wink: but go for it if you're feeling real vunerable and all that...
  5. Reflective tape could be fun, just think of all the messages to drivers you could spell out across the back of your jacket :grin:.
  6. Having ridden at night with others who have suffered electrical problems, a little bit of reflective tape on the bike or rider is a godsend. Gives a bit of warning in poorly lit areas.
    Myself, apart the reflective panels on my jacket, I have reflective Ulysses stickers on the back of my helmet and bike.
    A visit to any good auto supplier will find reflective tape in white, yellow, orange and red. Possibly other colours as well.
  7. Yeah the 3M stuff is probably the best available, some of the stores that sell safety supplies/work clothing sell rolls of the stuff - but it has to be sewn on (seems there is an adhesive version available though).
  8. Just like those pretty red vests are supposed to save you when a forklift runs you over and a hard hat will save you when a 10 tonne concrete block is dropped on your head from a great height :roll: :LOL: :wink:
  9. doesn't your jacket have reflective piping or something??
  10. woot :p :p :p

    thats it :wink:
  11. Have a look at www.reflectivedecals.com. They have black stickers that are very visible at night, but will blend in on black backgrounds during the day.
  12. Go for the reflective tape on jackets etc. if you want to (it can actually be brighter than your tail-light to a following driver, in some instances), but I'd be wary of putting anything on your helmet, as the glue could affect the structure of many helmets, dangerously weakening them. Same with any sticker, of course, unless it's specifically intended for that use.
  13. This site has some cooll stuff as well. I also have a black bike and it is the side on view I worry about.

  14. Is there an Australian company that does this sort of thing, anywhere?
    Seems a pain to have to order something as simple as a decal set all the way from the USA..(groan)
  15. I've seen reflective things (could be tape) that go around your rims right near the tyre. Almost invisible in daylight, but highly reflective in car headlights, not easily missed. That would look freaky !
  16. Whatever you do don't use tyreflys they can cause your tyres to deflate, no it didn't happen to me, I am not that bling savvy, but a mate of mine was stupid enough to ride with them and leant how quickly you can stuff a brand new tyre.

  17. [quote="matti.west]
    I also have a black bike and it is the side on view I worry about.


    Thats what I was concerned about mainly too. Thanks for all the help guys. I just think anything that may even elp you stand out by a little bit is a good thing! Especially something as un noticeable as a decal or tape or whatever. Thanks guys.
  18. my bikes black, but my jacket has reflective stuff.

    been a bit put off riding now though, a dude on a black bike was run over about 200m from my house and died a week later...
  19. If a car driver doesn't see you, then they never are.

    But if you want to submit yourself to that look, then go for it, personally I don't think it would make a difference if I rode but naked with fluro yellow bodypaint smeared all over me, cars will still manage cut me off.