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I resisted the urge to buy a bike at Fowles today

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Kaer, Dec 6, 2005.

  1. On the look out for an 1150 GS for a round Oz Trip. Rep write-off, private sale, dealer sale, didn't really matter. I'd prefer a rep-write off for a project though.

    One was up for auction today at Fowles. 2001 Model, with only 20k on the clock.

    Headed off today to check it out.

    No-way that bike had only done 20k. Rubber on the pegs was well worn away.

    Tank was totally destroyed on the left side. Handlebars bent to buggery.

    Wasn't a stat. writeoff, but there was subframe damage.

    Engine looked to have taken a mighty big whack, and with the rules you can't turn on the bikes, no way to actually see what condition it was in.

    Both front disc brakes were also covered in rust, which wasn't encouraging as to maint.

    Short bit, bike in that condition, I'd be willing to gamble 1-2k. I know it'll probably go for around 3-4k. Not worth the risk to me.

    So probably didn't resist, but ran away rather quickly. Didn't even stick around to see what it would go for (about a 2 hour wait, so wasn't in the mood).

    There were two blokes there who were total rookies though. One checking out a firestorm, calling up his friend to look up prices of parts on the internet.

    The other I just half heard talking to the security guard. Since I was already skiving off work, I didn't really want to stick around too long.

    Got there hella early as well, so didn't have to fight my way in this time. Glad I did, check out the bike without being in a rush allows you to collect your thoughts a little more.

    None of the other bikes sung out to me either.

    Oh well, I'll keep watching till something else comes up :)
  2. Looks like you've caught the bug then :)
    ...and are a hell of a lot wiser than last time.
    Something will crop up...
  3. A friend's 1100gs was also up for auction there
    Also a stat write off.
    Any idea if it sold?
  4. It's on tomorrow...here in Melb.
  5. ah thanks
    what time?
  6. Hopefully a little a wiser. Still wouldn't take back the monster project, it was a learning experience.

    Caught the bug big time. Especially with two bikes in the garage, the wife's car had to go on the street, so now there's plenty of room in there for the tools & working on stuff.

    And no rush in the slightest, t,ip isn't planned to kick off until August, plenty of time to be patient, waiting for the right deal.
  7. I've got a mate going to the Melbs auctions tomorrow looking for a bike for himself, and I've also got my eye on one.

    Having no experience of the auctions at all, can anyone shed some light on whether there truly are bargains to be had there (i.e. ridiculously cheap), or if dealers snap lots of stock up for fixing and reselling.

    Lastly, what's the deal with a rep write-off? I assume that means it can be registered again? Thanks.
  8. This one?


    If the run it like they do in Sydney, they go through about 70-80 an hour.

    That ones number 61, and it starts around 12, so about 1.

    Again, only Sydney experience here, but there's normally a long queue to get in if you get there after the auction starts.

    The regular auction goer that Glitch is, he'll prob give you better advice :D
  9. Yep that's clem's.
    Asking cos it isnt far from work
    thought i could slip away for a short time
  10. Clem's BM is 761...about 12.40 guesstimate. Biggus might be there, too.
  11. Ridiculously cheap? NO, decidedly NOT.
    Apart from being WELL versed with accident damage on bikes, there are plenty of tradies/ insurance guys playing/ mug punters driving prices up to spoil the "bargain" one might be after.
    Saw someone crying their heart out to the autioneers a couple of months ago after bidding on the wrong bike...forced to pay $650 for a FLATTENED-by-a-truck-Postie, they bid on the wrong lot-number in the heat of the moment, stiff.

    It'd take a small book to write-down the stuff I've seen over the last 18mths there...sometimes it's boring, but boy, when it's on...it's good :LOL: :LOL: .
    Not the place for the naive or dead-straight.
    Rep. write-offs are re-registerable, Statutory w/o are NOT, NO quibbling !!
    To re-reg to have to keep receipt of ALL purchases, down to the can-of-paint-from Kmart to present for the VIV-report ($330) lateron.
    That's before the RWC.
    NONE of the bikes is registered, factor in total on-road costs of around $1k.
    Check bike, estimate damage (know parts prices!!!!!!!!!!!!), allow for 500-1000 bux worth of surprises, DO NOT BID ABOVE YOUR TARGET PRICE.
    Allow for 6.6% Fowles admin fees on top of your bid.
    Remember that tradies bid higher as they mostly bid on bikes that are
    a) easy sellers and popular models
    b) they already have some parts for (or know where some cheap 2.hand parts are available/ trade-prices/ mates-stuff)

    Whoever goes into this wide-eyed....WILL pay through the nose.
    I went a half-dozen times (with a tradie-mate) before I put up my hand the first time.
  12. Thanks for the advice. :?
  13. cool advice. was thinking about doing the auction thing. now i'm thinking itd be a better idea to buy a cheap seecond hand bike out of the trading post and fix it instead. it wouldnt be that much more expensive if it was a really recent model i reckon.
  14. BTW, Glitch knows his stuff on this auction game.

    On my first adventure into doing a fixup (the monster), I've ended up about $500 ahead of the game. That doesn't include my time in chasing stuff, time taken off work here and there, the months of headache in getting one friggin part in that was 3 months on back-order etc. (Assuming 10k value for a 2004 Monster with 2400 on the clock). I've got to get around to writing that all up properly.

    Granted I've still got a ding on the tank to fix, which'll be $550 if I do the normal fix, or $200 for the magnet repair job. So I fluked ending up even. I've still got to get around to flogging off some of the damaged parts I replaced on ebay as well.

    Best way to look at it, if you're looking at doing it as a project, go for it. If you're looking to save money, don't bother. It's not worth it. It's a large gamble.
  15. It's not to say that VERY, VERY occasionally a bargain comes along...but if someone dreams of dirt-cheap Baby-Blades/ sporty-600s/ZX9s/ Harleys/Ducatis etc etc, forget it. Everyone is after those and prices are up. Way too high as to buy/ then buy the parts/ put it on the road....and having saved a bundle.
    A smashed CBR250RR for $2600 sounds great, add $2500 worth of parts/paint-job/sticker-kit/ frame+triple clamp+slider leg checkup at a frame-specialist/ fresh tyres to replace those that caused the prang in the first place/ sprockets+chain+ a service to establish maintenance-ground zero, plus VIV report, RWC/rego...spent 3-6 months of running around for parts, waiting for the paint-job to come back, etc....

    Due to their popularity, even Vespas have at least doubled in price, big tourers seem to be cheap until one faces the 3-acres of panels/ panel-inserts/ integrated mirrors/ integrated panniers etc etc. (and there are virtually no 2.hand parts available...the tradies know that!)

    There's a 2004 Honda Deauville with 2500km which has been doing the rounds for the last 6-7 Fowles auctions in either Perth or Adelaide.
    Eventually the insurance will drop their reserve price and sell it for whatever....that could be a bargain one day.But then...who wants it?
    How do you repair this thing? Strip it for a street-fighter (with shaftdrive?) to make it a cheap bike? Re-sale after a few years on something like that will be 2-donuts-worth, so it was still overpaid in the first place.

    See where this is going?
  16. Why is it that everytime I go to the fowles site, I cannot for the life of me find the melbourne motorcycle auction.... It doesnt show up on the list at the top (auction timetables).... and if you go to the melbourne link it doesnt show a motorcycle auction ...
  17. http://www.fowles.com.au/
    Go to AUCTIONS up top, choose CATALOGUES, choose location...done.
  18. that is SO weird.... melbourne shows up in the list of timetables now! I swear it wasnt there when I posted an hour ago...
  19. It only shows up in the search when there is an auction catalogue available.
  20. Ripped from aus.moto (but you've prob read it there anyway)