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Featured I really suck at this

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Jack096, May 1, 2015.

  1. hey guys I've had my learners for a few weeks now and I've been riding for about 11 days, and while I honestly have noticed that I have improved since day 1, with the more riding I do in different conditions, places and times I've realised that I definitely suck at riding.

    I remember blasting around the range on the cb125e while getting my learner permit and feeling like an absolute champion - I felt so competent on the bike and I felt all I needed from that point was road experience.

    now that I've got a bit of road experience I can honestly say, I'm a bit of a shit rider.

    nothing is smooth, I suck at cornering, I literally cant do u turns, round abouts are not something I can pull off, traffic gives me the shits, going down hills makes me feel really uneasy and I usually end up going really slow ( also I find myself pulling in the clutch and releasing it do get some sort of control, is this good?).

    I want to start getting more proficient at this, is it just a case of more time in the saddle and it'll work it self out?

  2. You sound like a normal newbie Jack096Jack096. Stop being so hard on yourself.
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  3. you sound just like me and almost everyone else when we started learning.
    yes more time in the saddle will definitely help. get yourself to the learner sessions for some more advice. (y)
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  4. It's just a matter of practice. Where abouts in Melbourne are you, can you make it to Saturday Morning practice in Elwood? If you post up in that thread you may find someone in the area who would escort you down.
  5. Quiet familiar streets and quiet car parks are your friends at the moment. Give yourself a little more time and practice in friendly environments.
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    You've only been riding for 11 days? It took me two weeks to leave my own street.

    As a newbie myself I'm not going to give any advice other that I agree with all the above. It does help and it does get better if you constantly practice.
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  7. I had been riding dirt bikes for 25+ years and I still sucked when I first got on the road (which was only recently). I'd miss gears, pull the clutch in to early, panic if I was going to slow for the cars behind me, drop back to first in a round about because I was scared. The fear of doing something new, was taking over the fact that I could already ride a bike. Keep on practising and gaining confidence, maybe in industrial areas on weekends, where there's no one watching your mistakes, that way you can try again and again until you get it right. I think when you make a mistake with traffic around you you tend to make even more mistakes because you are criticising yourself for the first mistake and then totally overthinking everything else you are doing.
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  8. Most of us sucked in the beginning mate. I rode the old PAC hwy on my first day and got overtaken by a blooming removal truck. Was so glad I had a helmet on ;-). Keep riding and in a few months u can look back on this thread and realize how far u have come
  9. Hey thanks for posting Jack096 - I feel better now, I suck too! I thought I was getting better until I fell off but I seem to have gone on a huge downslide since. Confidence took a hit and so although I got my learners end of March, I haven't really ridden for a couple of weeks. My back isn't hurting so much now so might try and go around the block later today - hoping the rain stays away! And really wishing I didn't live in such a busy area right now :( But I know I have to get back on the horse and spend days in the saddle because, more than anything, I want to get really good at riding :)
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  10. Doesn't matter whether you are a truckdriver, a lawyer, a brickie or a doctor. They all suck when they first start out. Doing anything good takes practice.

    Some people have a natural talent for riding and seem to take to it faster than others but often those that struggle and have to analyse what they are doing wrong and practice more to correct it, end up the better riders.

    If you are confident enough to ride to St Kilda, try getting down to the Saturday Practice sessions.

    If you aren't confident enough to ride there yet, consider seeking help in the mentoring thread. You may need to scroll back a few pages in that to see that it is really about people asking for someone to mentor them as it suddenly turned very chatty over the last few pages. There is plenty of people willing to help new riders, provided it's not a 12 hour ride to get to them (Sorry Fr33dmFr33dm :p) . So if you post in that thread, make sure you let people know which suburb you live in, so the experienced riders know whether you live close to them or not.
  11. I have been trying to find the Mentor thread ... to no avail so far ... ugh!
  12. Can't you get to sat practice DiantraDiantra? Yo can't be far away from it. I'd bring in Fr33dmFr33dm, but she's on the other side of town, way over on the othe side of town!
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  13. DiantraDiantra Did you post in the mentoring thread? I didn't see it. But it is more difficult at this time of year. It is dark by the time I leave work and that isn't the best conditions to take brand new riders out. If you come to practice today we can talk about it.
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    Hey Petesul - Certainly going to try, I have to see how my back feels when I start trying to put on the gear to be honest - so sad the song, poor ol' thing! ha ha ha

    No I didn't because I couldn't find it but I will now that fabulous Peony has found it for me :)

    Thank you Peony - you rock! :)
  15. Ouch, I wasn't aware that it takes a nice bike 12 hours to ride 200km.... ;)

    Oh well, and here I was seriously considering posting a request on the above mentioned thread trying to see if I can l lure a mentor out of big smoke for a weekend in the Grampians with accommodation and food/drink thrown in for the price of trying to set one VERY raw chick on her way to learn.

    I feel in my case it is the Mountain and Muhammad situation :)
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  16. You are a goose Fr33dmFr33dm! :)
    All suited up yet for the ride to town? ;-)
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  17. Oh yeah, I remember you talking about your sore back. :-( Poor girl....
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