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I realized i'm lacking basic knowledge..

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by jdimitri, May 25, 2008.

  1. I was kicked down to a scooter at my Ls Test because i stalled a couple of times, and i just realized now that i'm missing some essential knowledge

    First of all, emergency braking. The dude said on a scooter 50-50, but on a bike it's supposed to be 75-25.

    And i was taught to set up and slowly squeeze as hard as possible.
    Is this still valid for motorcycles? I noticed the braking power when i use the full brakes (at the front) is fairly insane..

    I managed to lock the back wheels once, but i think i've learnt from that and now i'm mostly using the front brakes with very slight back for any real braking and back only for city traffic/ hills

    The other is cornering..

    I basically have no cornering skills, how much should i lean, did i lean too much just then.. so many questions in my mind while i'm at it. Once it touched my shoes but my toes were pointing slightly out, would this be a good amount of lean? I noticed that my corners aren't sharp enough most of the time either

    Any help would be much appreciated
  2. With the set up and squeeze, you squeeze gradually... grabbing a fistful of front brake will upset you at lower speeds.

    Turning, and I'm sure there are people who can help more than me, but sit up close to the tank, hug it with your legs, keep yourself as relaxed as you can and look where you want to go.

    Think it was a bit harsh to put you on a scooter just for stalling a couple times :/ Good luck! Enjoy it as much as you can.
  3. you can get away without using the rear at all.
    you need to progressively increase the braking pressure as the weight transfers forward and the contact patch gets bigger.
    go to a quiet car park and just ride around for a while. don't worry about the lean it comes naturally. look where you want to go like they taught you when you got your L's.
  4. Agree, all that they taught you at the L's course will become easier with time. There is a lot to process, but don't let that hold you back.

    Car parks are a great place to learn, I've managed to get some nice tight U-turns happening. Once you get confident with corners, you'll be seeking them out. I know I am :grin:
  5. OK i must have missed something major in my Ls education -

    what is this 50-50 and 75-25 thing? Have I been e-braking wrongly?
  6. it is how much braking you apply front and rear, as a percentage. so on paper, correct braking uses 75% front, 25% rear.
  7. Oh wow I never knew that... I just apply both when and how much as required.
  8. Arguably that's how it 'should' be done, Peaches. :)

    The "75/25" thing (or "90/10") is more to help people visualise how they should be braking and what happens with the weight transfer than a strict rule, IMHO. Optimal braking would vary from bike to bike and with different road conditions.
  9. its basically to reinforce that on a road bike, your primary stopping power comes from the front brake, but the rear helps too.
    does this make up for being silly in the other thread?
  10. Haha, thanks joel, Spots.

    But er... so you were not being serious about the whole reversing thing? :shock: I didn't think you were but I have to check to make sure that that's right?
  11. I didn't pay much attention to scooters at my learners course I must admit, but I would have thought that correct e braking/ any breaking for them would be less back then bikes, given that the front brake lever on a scooter applies some back break as well?

    Anyway, for cornering, just look into the corner, you don't turn by leaning but by how much force is applied to the inside handle and it seems easier if you just look that way
  12. What does that mean kicked you down, does that mean you are forced to ride a scooter till off your L's or something?

    Just saw you seem to have a CB400.. the fastest learner legal bike :shock:
  13. There's an emergency braking thread going right now. Have a look.

    Once you've gathered the concept that the front does most of the braking effort, forget about the percentages.

    As for cornering, there are an untold number of threads on the issue. Have a good look around and pipe up in a cornering thread where something doesn't make sense.
  14. Nah, here you can do your Ls on a scooter and get the same license

    During the testing, if you stall once you fail the test which i reckon was fairly harsh (considering most people doing the test are fairly new anyway)
    Stalling never seem to have killed anyone, just pissed off the happy chaps behind you :D

    I think i've managed to grasp everything else other than those two, the reason i didn't is that they seem fairly intimidating to experiment with

    I'll get some lessons or do the intermediate course somewhere, hopefully that'll get me up to date+more

    The CB400 is a soon-to-have thing, hopefully it won't be too much of a bike..
  15. ? Never heard of that...

    My scooter was definitely 100% right lever=front, left lever=rear.

    My wifes dodgy little 50cc has the left lever doing both, and the right doing front only, but that's not typical these days.
  16. are you saying that your brakes are broken?
  17. The L's course in Vic doesn't really prepare you for the road anyway but stalling the bike should definitely be an instant fail. Out on the road, stalling the bike is too dangerous. You have to be aware and concentrating on your surroundings and not assuming that the car behind you will stop in time.....accelerating off should be second nature.

    Practice doesn't make perfect.....only perfect practice makes perfect :wink:

    BTW definitely 90/10 in an e-braking situation.

  18. I got so confused riding a scooter for the first time, it came to a corner and was like '$hit what do I do!?'
  20. :rofl: