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I ran through a RED LIGHT TODAY!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by da_guy, Feb 22, 2007.

  1. I was on my way home from MT Druitt shops and I ran though an intersection across the Great Western Highway by about 1/2 a second after the lights turned red!!!

    I'm scared now that i'm going to get the $200 fine!!!
    I know it was my fault but the car behind me was so freaking close to me that i felt pressured to beat the red light because he might hit me if I stopped.

    I have a couple of questions and someone pls answer pls.

    1. does anybody know if the intersection --great western highway, and the road from Mt druitt shops ... has a red light camera?

    2. About what percentage of intersections has a red light camera?

    3. someone told me that if there was a red light camera,, there would be a SIGN that would tell you there was a "red light camera" before the intersection.vIs this true?

    thank you all.
  2. State Government recently said that only 22% of all red-light camera sites are live at any one time. If you didn't see a flash (they are bright enough to be seen even in sunshine) then if there was a camera there, it wasn't operational.....
  3. Don't fret too much dude, but don't make a habit of it.

    I can understand not wanting to stop with someone up ya date, but ideally (being the operative word) you should have plenty of time to stop when that light turns amber unless you're over the speed limit.
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    Write 1000 times
    I will not post in caps because it is rude to shout.
  6. someone was yelling? :p
  7. 1/2 a second?

    You're probably fine.
    The Grt Wstrn Hwy gets a lot of trucks and such on it - on larger intersections the RTA is loath to process loads of pictures of semi-trailers with legitimate excuses for not stopping or clearing an intersection in time; so they don't put cameras there.

    There are plenty of red lights it's safe to run.
    Come for a drive with me sometime :grin:
  8. Haha!

    What type of car is it, so I can keep an eye out for you when I'm on my bike :grin:
  9. Well done mate, all us bikies run red lights all the time. Next time put your foot over your rego plates, oh and happy angling :roll:
  10. I'm sure you'd see it...

    Everyone else does :grin:
  11. thanks for the responses people.

    anyway. can someone answer this pls..

    3. someone told me that if there was a red light camera,, there would be a SIGN that would tell you there was a "red light camera" before the intersection.Is this true?

    Also, if there was a camera, would I be able to see it? How does the camera look like?

    thank you
  12. Yes.
    Go back to the intersection and have a look if you are really worried.
  13. NSW intersections that are controlled by a red-light camera always have a sign saying so. The camera may not always be there, but the sign never goes away. I guess some people behave even if there's not a camera there, and that may well be the reason for the sign :wink:.
  14. Yeah your fcuked mate :p
  15. the red light camera turns on one second after the light has turned red. So you have to cross the line one second after the light turns red.

    The intersection will have a sign ahead of it (square, with black text on white background) stating "red light camera ahead" or something similar.

    You didnt provide enough information on the intersection address to find it exactly, but i looked in my UBD which has red light cameras indicated, and there are no red light cameras on the map in the Mt Druitt area, on streets that cross Great Western Hwy.

    Finally, the fine is more like $300 and 3 demerit points (I've been there).

    Get yourself a UBD.
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  17. Good reason to slow down or change lanes when you're being tail-gated. Typically speaking though, unless you really jam on the anchors (which you shouldn't need to do at a red light), the car should easily be able to stop.

    Victorians have another reason for not being able to stop in time - watching their speedos rather than the traffic lights. :p :p
  18. oops. my bad, didnt check, didnt know caps was on.

    anyway, my original post was that theres a website within rta i think that lists speedcamera locations. if you do a search you may find one that lists red light cameras.

    You sound like you wont do it again anyway.
    My sister in law went through a red light with a toyota startlet. She got tackled by a speeding tow truck......

    enjoy, but appreciate learning lesson the easy way.
  19. feet

    foot over the rego plate? is that actually possible?
  20. Hey Da-Guy , I wouldnt be too worried too much about getting caught on camera, I would be more concerned about getting cleaned up in the process by a car jumping the green light . Careful next time buddy. :?