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I pulled my first wheelie last night!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by MV, Jul 16, 2009.

  1. So, my TRX has been playing up (left off a vacuum line from the fuel tap :? ) fixed it last night & took it for a blast to Williamstown, past the sea over to Altona etc. I had been playing with getting the front wheel up over speed humps & stuff, so I gave it a big fistful over the first speed hump, the front came up really good, much more than I expected! Woo hoo! (probably only a foot, but felt like a shitload).

    Then, I promptly shat myself, closed off the throttle & sqaushed my nuts proper on the tank! :eek:

    Didn't get rid of my grin though!

    Realised how easy it was, so I did it some more!

    My nuts still hurt, but I'm still smiling.

  2. Ahh, glorious is it not? I am still a newb by a long shot, but my little 20-50m whoolies keep me happy.

    I remember my 1st intentional one, and my nuts hurt too.
  3. ..I guess being female has it's advantages then!! :p
  4. hmm, reminds me of a story that I should relate, as it is a good cautionary tale.

    Mate of mine that I worked with in Tokyo was a rider for many years. When I met him, he'd been riding for a year or so illegally, and had spent a load of time getting a dodgy 'international driving permit' in the hopes that it would be legal there. It wasn't, but thats another story.

    Once day, he was riding his motorcycle to work, along a multilane road. I think it was two lanes in each direction. He was in the right lane, and in the left lane there was a large van and a series of cars all queued up for a red light to change. The right lane was empty, and as he approached the intersection, the light turned green.

    He gunned it and promtly t-boned the other van that ran the red light coming from the left.

    Him and bike -> vertical against the van -> squish went his nuts against the pentrol tank. Thud. Lots of ows.

    He got up, felt ok, a bit bruised. Lots of fuss was made, police were called, and driver accused him of speeding. Police arrested him as he wasn't driving on a valid license (well, I did say to him that it was dodgy). Our boss went out and managed to convince the police that he was very very very sorry and would never ride it again without a valid license. Bike was a write off though.

    He gets back to the office and then realises that his nuts are bigger than normal. And getting bigger. And the pain starts. A lot of pain.

    Turns out he split one nut, and it eventually swelled up to the size of a grapefruit - so he tells me - I never saw it thankfully. He got given some very strong painkillers, which didn't help in the slightest. Thankfully it went back down without surgery and he was able to resume his sex life after about a 3 month break, the poor bastard.

    We have no idea if he's ruined his chances of fathering any children. But I think there's a lesson here for all of us:-

    1) Don't enter an intersection if you are unable to see all the entrances.

    2) Tank + nuts + sudden stops = lots of pain.

    The latter is kind of obvious, but I guess if you're doing lots of wheelies, you might want to come up with some strategies that allow you to land the front wheel without it driving the tank into your balls, possibly bursting one or both and causing you 3 months of agony.
  5. Give it a little rev before the front hits the ground, it'll cushion the blow :wink:

    and remember you have a back brake.

    With all these checks in place, you should be fine practicing wheelies. That'll save you from tank slapper on hard landings and looping it from passing the balance point.

    Good luck with it all man and have fun! :grin:
  6. Nice one man!

    Time to get a cup?

    While wheelies aren't something that I am rushing to try to do, I do like seeing people doing them.

    Or people buggering them up on you tube :p

    On a nut related topic - would having tank grips help protect the valubles?
  7. Hopefully none of my attempts end up on youtube!

    My nuts would have been fine if I gripped the tank properly with my knees & was expecting the front to drop! I did more that were fine, just the first one caught me off guard :grin:

    Good (Bad?) story, Chrome, if my nuts swell up I will definitely post pics. I mean see a doctor.
  8. Bloody hoons.
  9. You should be ashame....wheelies...next time get some pic.

    as they say, pics or it didnt happen.
  10. I'm told purple is a bad colour :D
  11. your new ride can pop nice little 1 footers off the lights that you can float for sometime into second
  12. I have noticed that if I drop the clutch i get a little litf on the front.
  13. yeah feather it at about 6k if you do a bit of a launch and have a good time.
  14. What would you suggest on the storm?

    I can give it a fistful and bring the front up hard but found playing with the choke point at around 4k and giving the revs a bit while i feathered a bit off made for a slow lift.

    Never had the guts to drag anything very big out though... Just don't think the balls are big enough to want to sit on the balance point. :LOL: I tend to go into flipper panic mode whenever the front goes too light and bring it back down again.

    Maybe i'm just not cut out to be a real motorcyclist... :cry:
  15. Try practicing the balance point on the pushbike.
  16. practice in your car
  17. Yeh i tried that but no matter how hard i tried the front just wouldn't lift!

    I'm sure you can imagine my frustration. It must be a power to weight thing... or maybe i need more practice... yes thats it!

    I'll just practice more, I'm sure i'll get it tonight!

    Thanks man you're the best! :wink:
  18. i havent managed to get the front wheel up (funny that), and am in no rush to do so... but as geeth said, i enjoy seeing it :D
  19. I remember my first one (on the road anyway). It was totally unintentional, I was trying to launch the vtr250 nice n hard and sure enough up she came :D

    Little bit different to doing them on my cr125 when I was 17 lol!
  20. i dont do it as a hobby more just commical value. the first 'big' one i did was an unintentional launch job and i must have looked like a fish out of water flapping around up there.
    yeah im still having trouble getting the front of the car up. damn front wheel drive