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I promise I searched first!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Paulie, Apr 14, 2005.

  1. Hey, Thinking dollars and sense. And trying to find out a little about the GPZ 250... now, I went to the search function thing up the top at typed gpz250 and not many results showed. So i'm sorta asking it here :oops:

    So, gpz250s are pretty dirt cheap! Anyone know if they are any good? Theres 2 on ebay really cheap at the moment. hehe are they as quick as gpx250?

    Thanks for humouring me with my stupidity and vulnerability people!

  2. wouldn't be a lot slower, they use basically the same engine i beleive. the GPX/ZZR isn't exactly a speed demon but i think the GPZ should hold its own with them. but if your talking the difference of a few dollars (i know you can pick up a GPX pretty damn cheap) then i'd spend the extra on the GPX.

    i say that cos my GF had one and it was reliable, cheap to run, handles a stack VERY well and is a piece of piss to dig up parts for. besides maybe the soft front suspension, i really couldn't fault the bike....
  3. I've got an '84 belt drive GPz250 as my first bike. I bought it from the original owner 12 months ago with a genuine 16,500 kays on the clock. Red book (and RACV) valued it at $1,800 - I got it for $1300 with RWC but unregistered ($350).

    I'm 6' and tip the scales just over 100kg. I don't find the bike cramped, but I've been told I do look a little large for it :p Get up and go off the lights I'll beat any car that isn't trying (ie 98% of them), but a leadfoot in a corolla would probably match or beat me if he tried... Sits on 110 fairly happily in 6th at about 7,000rpm, but doesn't have much pick up in that gear. Tops out around 140 unless you have a downhill stretch (I've seen 157).

    They are the same bike as the GPz305 (except it's obviously bored out a bit more) that you should be able to find a bit more info about on Google. They are reputed to have problems with the Camchain Tensioner, but I've had no probs with mine. Enthusiasts I've come in contact with in the UK and Germany recommend oil changes every 3,000kms or so, with filter change every 2 oil changes.

    Pretty much as Coconuts said - reliable, cheap, easy to service yourself, handles well (I can hold my own fairly well against the bigger boys in the twisties), front suspension can be a tad spongy.

    Belt drive means no fiddling around with chain lube or adjustments too :D

    Service manual was very hard to track down, but I managed to get one in the end from the US for A$20 shipped :)
  4. leadfoot in a corolla may beat you? Oh don't say that! hehe See, I'm really concerned about gettin a bike because of lane-splitting, i don't wanna get all the way to the front of the lights and then upset people by being too slow to pull my ass outta there!...
  5. hehe.. ok, it's probably not quite that bad :p And I take off at around 4,000rpm so I'm sure you could do a bit better if you flogged it ;) What I really meant was that just taking off fairly casually I still beat 98% of cars off the line, but if someone really wants to race me and I try to take them on, it's usually fairly even.

    Part of the art of lane splitting is picking which car to pull in front of when you get to the front. I've only ever had one guy try and take off hard with me in front of him - fortunately the guy beside me was slow off the line so i had somewhere to go.