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I piddy da fool !!!!!

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by pete the pom, Jan 15, 2006.

  1. What can I say. This has to be the best web site in the world.

  2. That's a classic

    Message too short
  3. No body drives my van fool
  4. good one I remember hearing eddie murphy in one of his r rated stand up comedy acts doing MR T as a gay man ...... wont repeat it here will probably get me a warning
  5. No they wont. I've been trying really really hard lately to get a warning and alls that happens is my posts get deleted.
  6. Watch..............

    Vic is a big Scoopy rider who wears a chaps !!!!

    I reckon about two minutes will do until this one goes..
  7. Some of eddie's early stuff was awesome. I loved how he could be completely offensive to practically every minority (and majority) group and still be piss funny. Now he seems to specialise in things like Donkey voices, which while still good just don't have the same appeal
  8. yes but they are watching me ...im a marked man known for verbal diahorrea :LOL:
    cant remember the whole speel he did on stage but the punch line was along the lines of ...... (use Mr t accent) bend over and let me fcuk you up the ass , you crazy fool
  9. Good point, you don't have a lot of fat to play with

    ..... and excuse my ignorance but what is a "Scoopy rider"?
  10. A scoopy rider is what Pete is. Bloody closet boi

    a scoopy is a Honda Scooter
  11. I see

    Pete, It may have taken more than 2 minutes but 4 warnings in one hit is certainly a solid effort. I didn't even know you could do that :p

    [note to self, be nice to Vic]
  12. I am a man of many talents.

    Is four some kind of record???

    Im sure that they would disapear as quick as they appeared if I organised Vic a ride on the demo SP2 we have in work at the moment.
  13. Nup, tell Strickland to stick his SP2. Bloody shitboxes :)

    I miss my SP1 :(
  14. As Lou would say to andy in little briton

    "Are you sure"
  15. obviously, I always thought you only got 3 warnings before being banned
  16. isnt it five?? :shock: ..... uhh ohhhh
  17. Could we link netrider warnings to lane splitting. Any motorcyle seen with a netrider nuber plate surround and seen sitting in traffic instead of blasting between stationary cars at mach 1 would recive a warning. I think we should mension this to the guys in Goverment. Loosing your licence is one thing but being banned from netrider........just how would you go on.
  18. would there be any point living ?? :shock: i guess that always leaves p0rn sites
  19. I only ever look at nerider when I haven't got a chubby.
  20. My god......Pete.......somebody stole your washing or something.
    4 warnings.....in one hit.....
    if I had a hat.
    I got one for giving this gay guy who loves his manbag a hard time.
    Mind you he probably grassed me up anyhow.

    we should go out, get pissed and get into a fight sometime.......just like back home........ah the good old days when sunday was for Casualty ward.............................