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I picked up my new baby!!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by xXx, Nov 30, 2008.

  1. This is my new toy that i picked up from Sydney. CBR-929 01'

    Its was a long ride back to Melb but it was worth every METER!!! :twisted:




    I just have to clean her now. Damn BUGS!!!
  2. :cool:
    Nice one
  3. Congrats on the new wheels, very nice!
  4. WTG xXx :wink: . Nice long ride home to get yourself familiar with your new baby to boot :cool: .
  5. NIce ride mate, well done

  6. looks hot, i like that model CBR! how much did you pay? if you don't mind me asking.
  7. Nice one.
  8. Oh Yes we are well bonded now. :) had a good run too just got a little bit wet outside of syd but after that clear sky, no traffic and a hell of a lot of fun :twisted:. And to boot no stupid people when got into melb gotta be happy.

    moorey i picked it up for $6900 with 9349k on the clock one owner hasnt been raced or thrashed its still got the original chain and spockets, got all the recieps and service history. I had it inspected be Ben from inspectabike before i went up.

    I saw a similar one at Jefrey Honda with 55000k on the clock and it had scratches all over and looked like crap. They where after $6900.

    They guy was in a bit of a jam and i was the only one that showed interest. He had it valued at $11000 buy one of the bike shops. I have the letter so i called them and the guy confirmed. Dont know why no one showed interest but i guess it was meant to be.

    Nice and crisp reponse and no flatspots through the entire rev range just torque, nice suspension set up too. I got about 6l/100km when i worked it out on BP Ultimate.

    Am going to take it mad_biker this week to get the rego done. Am going to get a fender elim for it and take the ventura rack off. Ohh am i got to wash her damm bugs. will do that tomm after work am wrecked.

    See you guys out there, and keep the rubber side down....
  9. A new bike and a road trip, lucky devil, nice 1 and congratulations
  10. Awesome mate i'm looking for something similar when i upgrade.
  11. Gratz on a nice wheelie bike :p

    sounds like a good buy. sometimes there are good buys to be found. glad you found one
  12. 929s make me moist :cool:
  13. congratulations on getting such a great bike! definately meant to be yours :grin: Great you have bonded already thanks to the long trip. I've just passed 400km on my new girl and we truely are a pair now :grin:
  14. but you are so easy.