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I picked my first bike up tonight

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by wang chung, Apr 7, 2005.

  1. picked bike up at deerpark rode along ring road to greensbourough, and down to kew :)

    Kawasaki zzr250 Silver / Blue 2002 model
    4,400 KM
    10 months rego

    comes with crappy bike lock

    man it goes fast compared to my crappy 87 pulsar / vector

    i just give it a bit and im doing 100 in 60 zone 8)
    going for another ride.. yay

  2. :D

    congrat... safe riding
  3. hell yeah!

    I hear ya on the quick note.

    I picked my zx2r up Monday arvo, jeez it's a lot quicker than the ol 97 pulsar cage, you give it a squirt and bam you're speeding. They don't like going slow, that's for sure.

    Already done about 600k's on mine, did a nice long ride down to victor harbor on the peninsula..

    Addictive :D
  4. Onya mate! Enjoy it!!!!
  5. Congrats mate!!


    :D :D
  6. Enjoy the 250... I remember my first 250.. wow did it go fast...
  7. ooh yee, came back from another spin. Well i need to buy some new gloves.. these are too small. Did some lane splitting too :)
    There was a bus stuck behind a tram, had to pass them.

    mmm now just to work on my cornering.

    i feel pretty confident about riding actually.. i guess driving a car for a few years helps alot.
  8. Congratulations!!!
    p.s. dont get over confident, be scared!, they are out there just to get you!!
  9. Yeah i have to agree, im trying to keep my confidence down n eyes open. I was talking to a mate recently and I agree that its not necessarily the best bike to do the p's test on (we both have cbr250rr's, but all similar bike included). it goes pretty quick, but i have have to remind myself you need slow speed control to do the test... stuff it hey, to much fun holdin that throttle open!!!!! :LOL:
  10. Congrats mate enjoy your first bike as much as I do ride as much as you can & live learn & love it to bits!
  11. Mine seemed awfully slow; a new ZZR which I had to ride back from Cooma to Jindabyne (about 75km) and, rather pedantically, I was respecting the break-in rev restrictions. ie. a top speed of about 60km/h.

    I swear I'd never seen so much traffic on the back road as that day; seemed like I was being passed every couple of minutes by a fully laden "sheep transport" wondering what the hell I was doing! :oops:
  12. Hope you enjoy your baby"Z", I sure enjoy mine.
  13. dont forget coffee night tonight at southbank
    see post in rides and events section .
  14. Nice one, Mat.

    Like Glen said, come into coffee so you can show your new baby off!
  15. Congrats on the new purchase.

    Just be aware that there are a hell of a lot of @#$$wits on the road and you need to be able to compensate for their bad actions to keep your bike and yourself in one piece.

    I have found particular drivers seem to be more dangerous than others - 4WDs, taxi drivers and any European cars.
  16. Congrats dude,

    I miss my old zzr, I got really attached to it, despite the fact it was pretty banged up. Poor old girl :(

    Have fun riding and stay safe
  17. Congrats with the New Bike ..
    Go the Kawasaki! :)
  18. Its pronounced "Kwakamasaki" exmenace, cmon man! :LOL:
  19. :D :D :D Congrats on the bike, and stay safe out there. :D :D :D