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I P'd!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by fozzy, Oct 6, 2007.

  1. Did my P's at Loftus TAFE on Friday.


  3. Congrats on ur Ps....... :cool:
  4. Huh? beans?

    Congratulations on the pass.
  5. Well done, it's a great feeling taking the L's off the back of the bike!

    Next hurdle is lasting the year before you break down and get a bigger bike! That's where I am at the moment - not fun, plus my bike's a bit broken which doesn't help the situation much either.
  6. Good job :grin:

  7. :grin: well done! :grin:

    how did you find it?
  8. Grats


    So hows the photo looking on the new license? :p

    I thought the P's test is not that bad BUT Like everything its relative to each person and how much time your willing to devote to learning the skills for the test :D
    I will admit that I was nervous but just focus and head check.

    BTW this is RVF400 so you can put a face on the name. For everyone else I also did my P's Test on Friday at Loftus. Long time reader first time poster :D
  9. well done mate,
    I got mine at Loftus as well. Did u have a quick hit on the Nasho after?
    Great bunch of blokes at Loftus. did u have the older bloke? he's got a Black BMW Tourer
  10. See http://www.weebls-stuff.com/toons/magical+trevor/ for even more confusion...

    Yes Tweet, it was the beans that got me through!

    Well, not too bad actually - really enjoyable day, though it was pretty hot! The practice and test is fine so long as you keep your head about you and don't freak out. I had an amusing brain fart during the test on the obstacle avoidance bit and I went to swerve around the set of cones I was meant to drive through and cleaned one of them up - I thought it was all over but it turned out I could have another go because I turned too early. Phew!

    Yo! good to see you've made your debut post! - It was fun hey. Nice bike too BTW, sounds pretty mean! Photo looking ok, but for some reason I appear to have a very small head... My helmet would beg to differ.
    It was cool to hang out - we should PM some time and go for a spin or 6 together.

    I had a younger guy, Dave I think his name was. Joker, funny if slightly twisted sense of humour. Kept us laughing though when we're all sitting there like scared little school children. He was riding a Viffer 800. Nice bike. Must test ride one. :p
  11. Thanx, The RVF does have a nice tune to it :D

    I will keep an Eye on the NSW ride section. I am sure there will be a noob ride come up soon OR if it is a just a couple of guys going for a ride hit me with a PM and I will see if I am able to join in :D
  12. Well done.
    im going for mine in the 3mths