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I passed

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by spenze, Nov 13, 2010.

  1. Been hearing all week how the weather forecast for today was torrential rain, which is exactly what I didn't want for my motorcycle test. Was a little overly cautious at the start for the emergency stops but by the time the actual test rolled around, I was getting use the surface.

    There were 5 attendees, and the first 2 that did the test failed with 50 and 59 points respectively. We were getting rather nervous as it was the emergency stops that we were all having issues with.

    In the end I accumulated 33 points out of a maximum of 40.
  2. WOOOOOOO! congrats :D

    Was it raining bad? Did you have fun?
  3. Congratulations! Especially under those conditions
  4. Good work, welcome to the club.
  5. Congratulations :) Now get a bike that makes you smile!
  6. Yeah Spenze!!! Well done, you really earned that pass on a day like today :)

  7. Congrats, I did the first half of the two day course today, second half and testing tomorrow. :).
  8. You did well scoring so highly in the conditions. Congratulations, let us know how you get on tomorrow too.
  9. Thanks all.

    Lowercase, the day was what i call "wet". Torrential by Melbourne standards but a normal day by New Zealand standards :) Enough to be off putting as it was forming puddles.

    Doing the practice was fun. But as soon as it came to the actual test, I just became nervous... as we all did. Glad its over so the pressure of "time" has gone.

    Oh I think managed to get a few new NR members out of the day as well. Hard to believe they hadn't heard of NR before.
  10. Congrats, spenze
  11. We like to keep it a secret so only 'enlightened people' join up :LOL:

    Seriously, congratulations on passing in less-than-ideal conditions.
  12. Way to go, Spenze.

    Good Job.
  13. Excellent work Spenze.

    It's hard luck if you have to do it in the wet, particularly because the emergency stops are so important in the Vic test. The maximum (i.e. worst) mark for the curves and the swerves combined is 32, but for the emergency stops alone the maximum mark is 50.
  14. =D> congrats Spenze , well done !!!
  15. It was rather rainy. My backyard flooded after a storm pipe burst. So in those rainy conditions...you deserve a pass and congratulations. Now you won't feel too nervous when riding out in the rain ;).

    Congrats again :).
  16. Well done Spenze
  17. congrats mate, see you out there.
  18. :woot:

    Congrats Spenze - well done!
  19. Good work.

    I've got mine this Saturday, praying i don't have to do it in the rain!
  20. Congrats a pass is a pass!!! I actually went worse in the test than during the training, but still passed. Just nerves and not wanting to lock up the brakes and fail.