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I passed! YIPPEE! :-D

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by blacknblue, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. I PASSED my Provisional test today! :grin:


    \:D/ :dance: \:D/ :dance:

    :beer: :woot:

    Really happy (of course!!!) and only 14 points lost, best for the day was 11 :grin:

    2nd hand L plate anyone? Awwww, too late, I've cut it up into itsy bitsy pieces! :LOL:


    Still feel like a total noob though :roll: :p

    Now for the reeeelly "big wait": 15th Feb 2010!!!!!!!!!!!! :shock: :p

  2. blacknblueYIPPEEEEE
    congrats big fella... enjoy the next 12mths :wink:
  3. congratulations mate! ENJOY! :cool:
  4. congrats dude
  5. congrats mate!

    ill be going for mine on the 9th of march, after 8 months of being on my Ls and an odo reading of 21,000km ahahhaha.
  6. congrats :)
  7. congrats man. im eagerly awaiting the start of december this year for no restrictions.. :grin:
  8. Thanks heaps y'all :grin:

    ... but having a little bit of a giggle at some of ya's expenses ... this "big fella" is in fact a tall girrrrrrrl :p

    But what the heck, sentiment all round very much appreciated :grin:

  9. welcome to the free world, well done
  10. Congrats Madam, enjoy and learn during the next 12 months.....Be safe
  11. Congratulations tall girl :LOL: , such a good feeling to pass , now head out and enjoy the freedoms
    Fran_e just yelled congratulations across the room too

  12. Why, thank you good sir! :p :grin:
  13. Good work girrrrrl. You did better than me, I lost 39 out of a possible 40! :shock:

    Enjoy it, have fun, stay safe.
  14. :woot: That's awesome blacknblue! Well done! One step closer to that blue Blackbird :biker:
  15. RE: Enjoying Freedom.

    do P's in Vic not have restrictions?

  16. Yes P's do Lilley, same as L's :)

    As a fully licenced car driver though, I don't need to diplay a P plate tho :)

    I think what was meant is, no more "advertising" to the world that I'm a L ... or was a L :grin:
  17. LMAO off... :oops: :oops: :oops:
    ms/mrs/miss tall girl... that was funny. sorry about that. tanya my parnter is having a good laugh about this... :LOL:
    she just got her L's :wink:
  18. I thought the P was for POWWAAAHHH? :wink:
    It's your licence to hoon, go on, you know you want to :p
  19. Enjoy the next year mate.

    Get out and ride as much as you can, keep working on technique. And dont think about your full licence too much, it just about killed me thinking about it everyday.
  20. :shock:

    Thanks heaps for the tip, well noted! :shock:

    After the course finished, went for a little 20min "jolly" ... must admit, it did feel really weird somehow, out on the road without the L plate ... rode a bit more cautiously than usual ... :eek: :)