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I passed the year today!!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Kellieeclipse, Mar 7, 2014.

  1. Hi all! I am truly exhausted - especially in my brain- but finally came off my L's today.
    Frustratingly though I am not sure I will get out on the bike until Monday.....
    Can finally meet up for
    Rides without the need of an escort (y)

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  2. Damn auto correct!!!!!! Test!!!
  3. congrats ;-)
  4. Well done. It's a great milestone to reach.
  5. Good stuff Kellie. Good fun from here out.
  6. Fantastic young lady! Congrats, I hope you enjoy your two wheels! I absolutely love everything two wheels!!! :)
  7. Thanks guys. Thought you might understand my elation :) Family still think I am crazy !!o_O
  8. OMG so excited for you ....

    That was me last Sunday......

    We'll done
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  9. Yeah I saw your post and was hanging to get mine done!
  10. Great stuff! I hope you love riding as much as I do! It is just fantastic!!!
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  11. I am already totally hooked!!
  12. Well done, Kellie. See you on the road.
  13. Congrats Kellie... it will feel different now you're off the L's. Have fun out there :)
  14. That is awesome! First year of many more to come!

    Congrats! (y)
  15. Congrats Kellie! One less thing to worry about! It's funny how much more confident you feel when you come of the L's, just don't let the confidence overpower your skills.

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  16. congratulations on the kilometre-stone!
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  17. Went for my first solo ride today since starting to ride in December- hasn't been a year-that was auto correct making up its own post! Felt great! Still a long way to go before I can really 'ride' though!!
  18. Well done. Being a relatively new rider myself, remember that you never stop learning!!!
  19. Being an on-and-off long-term rider, remember that you never stop learning!!