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I Passed the P's - Don't try it with a hyo 650!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by habibi, Nov 15, 2007.

  1. Just thought i'd let everyone know that I passed the P's test and it was fricking hard doing the practice with my HYO so the instructor offered to let me hire a cb250 mid way through the pre test practice!

    Also you don't have to have a full tank like I did as it makes your bike very top heavy..
  2. Congratulations Habibi :biker:
  3. i did the test with my hyo 650, i passed just. it can be done , but its a lot harder, only thing i had trouble on was the u turn, if i practiced it before the day i would of not gained any points. congrats anyhoo
  4. Congrats mate, I knew it would be tough on that hyo, it has a turning radius bigger than the bird. :shock:

    Kaitlyn, that pic has to go...........Do you know how hard it is to concentrate?
  5. um, yeah i concur...:p
  6. I haven't checked, Kaitlyn... but I'm almost sure every topic you have ever posted to would end up down this same path. Let me just say my prayer is that one day I will meet a girl in Brisbane (who rides bikes) that looks half as good as yourself ;) Then I can ditch the girlfriend haha...

    Sorry inappropriate and shallow I know... umm yeah what were we talking about hyos? yeah umm big turning circles hyos... Aren't they made in korea? :grin:
  7. nice one! now you can speed things up to 90km/h right? :wink:
  8. Oh and congrats on passing your P's!
  9. How come you done it on a 650. Are you interstate on LAMS.
    Hyosongs are built to crash not corner... :LOL:

    Well done on passing the P's

    Whats next now Mono's or darkies in the twisties.

    And I agree ICETIME....it is shallow and a bit desperate to make such comments about females in threads, no wonder girls think guys are Dickheads. :roll:
  10. Yeah guilty as charged... its the first and only time I swear!! (it is considering I don't really post to any forums) ...I'm just so alone ;)

    In all seriousness tho, apologies Kaitlyn (Everyone else), it was kinda uncouth wasn't it? I'm shocked at myself. I'm just a tool sometimes... However, in defense most women don't rate a mention and it was intended as a compliment, the same as the other comments, however rash.
  11. Congrats habibi.
    I can go for my P's anyday now. I think ill just hire one of their bikes, I dont care what anyone else thinks. My gpx is a little bent so it actually cant turn right as much as an undamaged one.

    Lol @ Icetime and Stookie trying to score brownie points. If guys are lucky you might get some pity from the women.
  12. Yeah, go back to the "old" one :cool: :LOL:

    Now that the important business is taken care of....... OP congrats!
  13. :rofl: you guys crack me up! ahahahaha
  14. AW MAWH GAWD HABIBI!!! That is so fully sick of you!
  15. I met my wife here on Netrider :wink: and it didnt come from any comment like that......I guess im just a HANDSOME man :wink:
    You either got it or you aint.......I GOT SH*T LOADS OF IT. :shock:

  16. Your funny :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  17. What's so bad about passing the P's test on a Hyo 650? They aren't THAT big.
    I passed on this:

    Regards, Andrew.
  18. I passed on a Hyo 650 one of the few things in managed between explosions
  19. Ive met you, and im more handsome....... :wink:
  20. :worthlesspics: