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I passed the MOST!!!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Tanksie, Jan 15, 2016.

  1. After 2 years and 30 000kms experienced, I took and passed my MOST this arvo!!!

    I must give a lot of credit to my lovely KTM Duke. Such a lovely bike to be taking tight twists and quick stops on.<3<3<3

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  2. congrats on passing :)
  3. Job well done! :)
  4. Well done great feeling
  5. Excellent.
  6. That's a lot of K's on L's. Congratulations :happy:
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  7. Being on a restricted license in no excuse not to be riding. Unless it is windy as all hell then there is nothing that keeps me off the bike.
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  8. Any licence will do ... and the 390 is a hoot =D
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  9. :) I noticed that you definitely get more nods when you don't have an L stuck to your bike. Congratulations!
  10. Sweet, I only just got my restricted licence and my KTM Duke just before christmas... almost clocked up 1000kms... and loving it!!
  11. Hey well done....
  12. I'm going for my pre learners next month. Can't wait to be riding a bike when I get my L's
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  13. With 30,000km, you'd wanna pass it :p
    Congratulations, not only for passing the test, but for riding the hell out of that Duke.
  14. Most of the ks were on the Hyosung I had, I have only had the duke for 3 months. So it only has 3000ks on it
  15. It's always better to come off your L's on the bike than it is to come off the bike on your L's ;P

    Congrats on the pass!
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  16. Congrats on passing .. (y)
  17. Well done on passing. I would be happy doing that many K's. Mate has a KTM 390. Great bike. Did the event at Homebush today, still not happy with my u-turns. Looking to do MOST within next 4 weeks. All the best.
  18. Congratulations...

  19. congratulations on passing.