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I passed my Qride yesterday!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Pobblebonk, Dec 19, 2010.

  1. Yip yip yoorah! I did my Qride licence course yesterday and I was the only one in the class who passed it in one day - I'm so happy!

    So no more bugging my riding friends to take me out for a ride, I can go out on my own now.

    Now to take it into the DOT tomorrow and get my licence changed over.

    Yay for me!
  2. Congrats
    Now you can play on all the great twisty bits we have here in the great south east any time you feel like it. If this bloody weather ever stops.
    Well done.
  3. Well done Pobble.
  4. congrats girl :)
  5. Congrats, who did you go with?
  6. Well done Pobble. I had the same issue with getting supervisors for riding.

    Congrats! When the rain stops it'll be time for more practice.
  7. Congratulations! Who did you do Q-ride through? Ditto what the others have said, bet you cant wait til this rain stops (whenever thats going to be) so you can get out and enjoy the great rides around here.
  8. Dux of the class eh!
    Is that good or bad?

    And so your journey begins.
    May it be long and fruitful.
  9. Yay time to partyyyyy like its 1999. Congrats!!!!
  10. Thank you, ricetheif. I went with Pro Honda in Rocklea in Brisbane. I also managed to get gloves and boots, which I was very happy about.

    Thank you, PossumBob. The weather looks like it's cleared today!

    Yes, I am waiting but I also didn't want to take my bike out on the weekend without someone with me anyway because I need to take my licence in first to the DOT. But yay! I can now ride on my own!

    LOL thank you for your reply, Blabber. I don't think Dux of the class, I think because I already own a bike and have been on the road with it a little, the others had either none of only practicing in the backyard and carparks.

    Thank you, AnzCruiser!
  11. Thank you, Bretto.

    Thank you, Coaltrain.

    Thank you, Goz.

    Thank you, PeskySheepy.
  12. So did I read correctly that you got through Q-Ride at your first and only attempt? Thats just awesome, it took me (much) longer!
  13. Hi Ametha. Yep, I did it on Saturday and got my certificate that day. The things they were pulling me up on were the fact that I wasn't using all four fingers on the front brake [my hands are small and short].

    I am so glad I did it that way, because I actually learned quite a lot.
  14. Congrats!!.... :wink: ..it's exilerating riding your own ride :biker: