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I passed my P Test! woohoo!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by freaksauce, Dec 3, 2007.

  1. I went to the RTA this morning to make it all official. I have to say its not easy, on the bike and in the classroom from 8am to 4pm is pretty tiring so by the time you take your test with all the added nerves and aching hands I was pretty worried I would fail! Anyway only picked up a couple of points so I was well chuffed, now the countdown to my black license begins so I can get that Triumph...

    P.S. Congrats to everyone else who passed on Saturday in Botany :)
  2. well done mate - can you elaborate some more on the day from your own perspective?

    I know I’m interested. :)
  3. Well ok, are you sitting comfortably? No only joking I'll keep it brief :)

    First of all I've been on my L's for about 4 months riding daily on my Honda VTR250 the short trip from Annandale to Ultimo, although for the last few weeks I've been temporarily stationed at the in-laws near Hurstville so I've been risking the Princes Hwy everyday. So anyway I think I managed to gain enough experience from this riding to attempt my P's without too much worry. Also I park in a secure car park both at home and work so I was used to negotiating slow corners and tight spaces.

    If I can give anyone any advice it would be to practice in a nice open space slow maneuvers (not sure that is the spelling!), because the test is all about slow tight turns such as the left turn without touching the lines, and the U-turn in a box which isn't too bad on a naked bike at least, you practice during the day in a much smaller space to get you used to it. The offset cone slalom bit is ok too because you get plenty of practice if you do the whole day course. The toughest part is the last part of the test where you have to swerve round a half tennis ball and back in through another set, make sure you don't take this too fast, you only need to go 20Kph! It's not that its really hard, but if you hit a tennis ball you automatically fail.

    Anyway the Stay upright folks are great at Botany and I can't recommend it enough.
  4. nice right up mate and well done again!
  5. Well Done mate !!!
    You'll have that Triumph in no time flat.