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I passed my MOST provisional test today - Tips

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by mrCAMPO, Sep 12, 2010.

  1. As per title, I successfully passed my test with zero points incurred. Very stoked and supremely relieved to get over this period. =D>

    I guess I just wanted to pass on some tips whilst its fresh in my mind, and hopefully this may help in those that are doing it soon. Some are obvious, but I'm sure some people may find this useful?

    1. Its a looooong day.. Try to get some decent sleep prior.
    2. Practice for 1 hour at least a day before, going through the 6 stages of what you will be scored for. (+ head-checks & not engine stalling).
    3. Find your weakness out of the 6 stages, and work on it! I found the cone weave and u-turn test to be difficult, but I worked on it a lot and did it perfect for my actual test.
    4. Absorb the feedback given by the instructor when you do the practice runs. You will have ~20mins to practice everything prior to the test.
    5. Self belief! You will be naturally nervous, but take a nice deep breath before you start and you will be fine. You'll find that once you nail the first 2 tests, your confidence will be high.

    I'm no expert, but in hindsight, I over-analyzed the "difficulty" of the actual test itself. As long as you practice common sense when you go out on the road for the group ride, listening to the instructor, and having the self belief and being natural (relax) without over-concentrating everything, you will be fine.

    If there were any further questions about the test, I'd be more than happy to try and help :)
  2. Thanks & congrats MrCampo!

    I have my test in two weeks. Am nervous as hell - I hate failure!

    Apart from the 20 practise for each test, what did you guys do for the other hours?
  3. Grats :) Its been nearly a year since mine but I still remember it. Fulls in 3 weeks :D
  4. Good luck Marie! I'm sure you will do well.

    Besides the intermittent theory discussions, the instructor will just go through some basic points about balance and control of the bike on the course. You will practice emergency stops and L/R turning. Its just meant as a refresher to get everyone loose at the start of the day, and making sure everyone knows they can ride a bike before the group ride.

    I hope you pass with flying colours :)
  5. Oh I'm jealous :( 3 weeks and you can get any bike you want.. Hurry up September 2011 :)
  6. Thanks Mr Campo. I hope so.

    Am booked in for a P-Preparation course the day before out at Penrith (I'm in Campbelltown). It's $150 for 4 hours. They just take you through all the obstacles you'll do on the P course.

    Don't know if it's worth it...but really want to pass!
  7. Should of came to homebush, it's free
  8. Well done mate!, and 0 points too. :)
  9. I might do that Goz.

    I'm booking in for either Saturday 2nd October or Sunday 3rd October. If there's one on in Homebush on the Saturday, I'll book the Sunday instead.
  10. Gratz :)

    So what are your restrictions once off L's and for how long?
  11. That's money well spent if you think it will be beneficial. Personally, I think practicing in your own time, and getting a friend who has experience that can guide you, is better because its free!

    The Penrith centre has a nice and smooth road surface. The Campbelltown course is fairly sub-par with loose gravel, but it didn't affect my test results either way.
  12. Thanks mate.

    I'll be on my red P's for 1 year, then on to my full license after that. I'm 27 with a full driver's license, so I meet the lenient criteria.

    But damm.. 1 year is quite a long time for waiting for my dream bike :p
  13. Ah...I was wondering that! I did my upright at Penrith...was a great surface. Haven't seen the Campbelltown one yet.

    You're probably right. I may just stick with my hubby. He's been so great through all this. Very patient. But also understands the necessity to learn the skills to benefit my riding...not just to pass the test.

    Someone has marked out the course in paint in the industrial area at Smeaton Grange. Is fantastic! But I know it'll be so different on the day...

    Fingers crossed!

    Now...if they would just open the date so I can book in!
  14. I forgot to mention that one of my friends did the test with me, and she used her CBR125 for the day.

    Now she was a nervous wreck, when doing the practice runs, she dropped her bike when doing the cone weaves, and thought she had no chance. All of us were revving her up and plus the instructor was kind enough to give her an extra 5-10mins to do the cone weaves until she was ready.

    So my point is, the instructor will be encouraging, and you will have the support of everyone who is doing the test as well. You won't be alone out there :)
  15. Awww...what a nice guy!

    So you did yrs at Campbelltown?
  16. Yes, I did it at Campbelltown.

    All the best Marie :)
  17. Thanks Mr Campo!

    That makes me feel heaps better!

    Now..the count down begins!
  18. Let us know how you go :)
  19. Would you happen to know the exact address of where its marked? I would love to go there and practice.