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I owe my mate a Postie Bike and I don't know why

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by LineNoise, Jun 24, 2005.

  1. Alrighty...can someone explain to me how the hell I just stacked an hour ago?

    Riding along some nice back roads down Geelong way with a mate. He on his VTR1000 SP2, me on his CT110 (not really fair is it :p ). I come around a fairly casual bend in the middle of a dip at about 60 and just as I hit the bottom of the dip I'm suddenly sliding on my chin (all hail full face helmets) and the bike is cartwheeling END OVER END down the road in front of me. :shock:

    As far as I can tell I had absolutely no warning (well I didn't feel it if I did) and wasn't doing anything silly just crusing through at about 50% throttle. It was like the front wheel suddenly vanished. My mate was about 70m behind me and all he saw me do was fall over the front of the bike and the bike started flipping when the headlight hit the ground.

    Any ideas people? All I can think of was that the front fork somehow parted company at the head or the wheel came off and caught under the front of the bike. Neither are attached now but nor are a few other bits of the bike (it nailed the only tree for about 1km after 3 flips)

    I'm fairly much fine btw. Just a sore nose, lip, forehead, tongue (where I bit it...which is probably what hurts the most) a bruised knee, wrist and ribs, scratched thigh, a leather jacket at about 1/10th it's normal thickness and a rather pornographic pair of jeans (trust me not to have the Draggins the one day I drop it).

    ...anyway. That's my stack out of the way so I don't have to worry about crashing again. Sod this 250 nonsense, I'm getting a 999R! :p :wink: :LOL:

  2. Good to hear only the ego damaged LineNoise :D . The roads are quite slippery at night at this time of year . Could that have been a factor?Dont have to be going overly fast in this weather for it to happen.
  3. It wasn't like it slid out from under me though.

    Closest thing my experience was to would be if you tied a good steel rope to the bike and around a tree. I just went straight over the front...it's just the bike kept going too.
  4. Maybe some-one with a knowlage of postie bikes might be able to help . Me and the mechanics of bikes dont see eye to eye ,but glad your ok.
  5. Yeah...just hope someone can say "Yes...you did this you idiot".

    Otherwise it's gonna be bugging me for weeks :p
  6. I wonder if black ice could have been a factor here...
  7. If the SP2 had have been in front it could have be due to air turbulance caused by the exhaust.

    Sounds like a major mechanical moment. Recon the postie bike was pretty long in the tooth.
  8. It sounds like black ice (or diesel to me), when you loose the front _big_ time you get _zero_ warning (seriously).

    It's not like a slide (those are recoverable)... it's just split second and *wham*

    I know... it's happened to me :-/

  9. Yes!!.....you idiot!! you should have been riding the SP2
  10. I think I hit it once at lowish speed. One minute, I was on one side of the road and the next I'm heading for the other. :shock:
    Saved it just before going off the cliff. :roll:
  11. thats the way get another bloody honda off the road!!! :LOL:

    glad your ok by the way ;)
  12. Had a look at the remaining shrapnel in daylight and noticed two interesting things.

    Firstly the front wheel came off before the bike hit the tree (gouges in road from forks, gouges in tree from forks and a reasonably round front wheel).

    And perhaps more interestingly there is a crap load of fur and blood mixed in with the oil that is all over the forks and wheel. Didn't really notice at 11:30 last night but at a guess it looks like something furry went through my front wheel and I've still got all my furry bits.
  13. Its starting to make more sense now.
  14. Yikes, stealth roadkill :shock:

    Wouldnt be too hard for a rabbit to make it to the wheel without being lit up by the headlight, particularly on a corner.
  15. I reckon Marty was out there on the side of the road tossing Joeys in the air ......
  16. Especially given the lights on a postie bike. :?

    It does sound a bit like a bunny might have caused you a problem. It shouldn't take the wheel off though - although it might have sprung some spokes and caused a wheel collapse.

    It sounds like you were pretty lucky though - that could have been a really nasty one going over the top light that...

    Glad you're basically OK.

  17. Oh dear!

    oops, wrong thread.

  18. Sounds more like he gave you a bike in poor repair and he owes you new gear.

    One of my greatest fears as a rider .. having something fcuk up and the front wheel just "dissapear".
  19. Now that DOES make sense.
    Hehehehehe, stealth road kill.
    Yep, sounds like a furry little bugger to me.
    And marty's involvement???? Well, I wouldn't rule that out either. Misery is said to like company, so, who knows?
  20. when i had my XR80 as a kid i got unloaded by a rabit into the fron wheel.... mybe there taking on biggerr thngs now?

    Glad no permanent damage done.