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I nodded at the posty today, am i sad?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by mcbigg, Apr 29, 2005.

  1. I went for a short ride today, and in my travels passed a posty delivering mail on a posty bike.

    Automatically I nodded, as i do to most motorbikes. The posty looked quite bemused at this.

    Does anyone else nod at posties?

    Or am i the only tragic here. Just wondering.
  2. I figure they get bored of riders nodding at them for 50 hours a week, although I occasionally nod to them out of habit anyway :)
  3. lol I nod to any rider... even when I'm on the footpath delivering mail...
  4. Nodding at Posties

    It's not sad nodding at posties, but it is very sad to lust after their bikes
  5. Re: Nodding at Posties

    There is nothing wrong with a CT110!!! I think they are just about the best bike to learn to ride on...
  6. i think whats worse is that i nodded at a hardly rider today :shock:

    we all have our faults. but i know there are no excuses for that. :oops:
  7. Oh good, I'm not alone then!
  8. hey i want a posty! there the cheapest bikes to run out there. i reckon they get better fuel efficiency than those smelly scooter things. and i was walking home the other day, and i nodded at the posty when i was walking! and then i was, like, woops, and we had a conversation about the bikes we ride. very odd. but cool just the same.
  9. yes you are sad. but then we are all sad. :?

    I have nodded while walking, driving, riding my push bike.
    I have nodded at scooters, harleys, mopeds and yes....posties.
    Can't help but feel happy and want to share it with fellow riders.

    Keep it up I say! :D
  10. I always nod to the postie, and most of the time I get a very cheery nod back.
    after all they are on bikes too!!!
  11. the worst thing is when you nod at a postie and he "snubs" you .
  12. Ive never been given the opportunity to nod at a postie, but ive learnt never to nod at anything riding a Harley, its a waste of neck muscles. They must think theyre too sexy for theyre skidlids.
  13. Yeah, in my limited experience, i've found Sportsbikers more likely to nod than cruisers.

    But then this may just be because i am also on a sportsbike.

    Maybe a cruiser nodding at a cruiser would get a better response.

  14. i have to say, i've only been riding for a short time, but i've noticed that riders enjoy a very close community. People out of nowhere have come up to me to talk about my bike or what they ride etc. i've had a few friends that were very involved in the car scene, with rx-7 turbos/skylines/xr6-Turbos etc and i don't think they shared the same.......experience, for lack of a better word. i think those guys are a lot more competitive and exclusive within themselves. I dunno maybe i've completely miss read both scenes. If anyone's involved with both, please tell me if im wrong.
  15. Nodding at Harley riders

    Harley riders don't acknolwedge other riders, not because they think they are superior, but because they are concentrating hard.
    They are thinking about the stitches that are vibrating out of their underwear, their industrial deafness before they get to 40, and their repair and parts bills.
    But mostly they are thinking about how much it's going to hurt when they fall off wearing only jeans, fingerless gloves, or none at all, t-shirts and (mostly) illegal open-face helmets.
    They are also hoping that the old lady on the back, who's usually properly protected, won't nag them about what they SHOULD have been wearing when they end up with gravel rash and skin grafts and medical bills while she still looks 100%
  16. Its the 2 wheeled comradery that i think is really great! If i ever see a biker (or even a scooter) in trouble i'll offer my help. I know that if i get stuck on the freeway offramp out of fuel because what i thought was reserve was in actual fact 2.2L of water i'm gonna greatly appreciate anyone that can help.
    That said, when i had to push my bike from Elizabeth St to Brunswick St, no one offered me a hand. :(
  17. I have stoped many time and offered help... most of the times I find... is eather they are on a mobile or wating for their mates to cach up... But I have helped push number of bikes and helped people pick up their bikes after a crush... Yet when I has a spill number of bikes passed me and only a girl on a scooter stoped... and the reason for her stoping was that she was a nurce and saw that as being her duty...
  18. Still the largest selling bike of all in Australia last year and not just because of the posties...:LOL:
  19. I'll nod to anyone on anything, and i usually get a nod back, even from the blokes on Harley's. Heck, i got the nod from a Police bike :D.
    Best one was getting the nod FROM a guy riding shotgun in a firetruck lol. perhaps it was because i actually got out of his way when he came screaming up behind me with lights on, and no one else moved.....
  20. but just shear bad taste :LOL: