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I never thought it would happen to me...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Noticibly F.A.T, Dec 29, 2008.

  1. But it did..... I distinctly remember holding that box in jay car, the one with the alarm in it, and saying to myself "nah, don't bother, no one would do it".... but they did...

    2nd last sunday night (8 nights ago), I returned to my bike in St. Kilda where i parked to get an ice cream (along with 20 other bikes parked there) to find that someone has sat on it and laid it over.... Snapped the brake lever, and scratched exhaust, mirror and engine case... I didn't notice any of this till a few days ago when the brake lever randomly snapped in 1/2 mid braking... and then i noticed the scratches...

    Reason i know it was dropped then, is cause when i went to start it that night when i got back, the stand wasn't down properly, and the bike wouldn't start first go... or second... It wasn't until i used the choke that it started... (obviously the fuel was all on the right hand side).

    The thing that pissed me off the most, is that no one came up to me and said anything. There was a guy sitting on the chair both when i left and when i got back, and he didn't say a word... maybe it was him... who knows?

    Anyways, just cause you don't own an R1 or Trumpy or whatever, doesn't mean some scummy ass dick wad waste of fcuking air asshole won't sit on your bike, lay it over, and then put it up and walk off...


    N.B - If anyone has a spare brake lever or can get one please let me know :)

  2. Oh oh.... don't all post at once...

    (moral of story is buy an alarm/watch your bike) :(
  3. what an A$$HOLE...
  4. That sucks mate, hopefully Karma will catch up with the pricks :evil:
  5. bugger, that sucks...

    Seems a little weird parked among 20 other bikes that they picked the 500F to sit on... Sure you didn't piss someone off?
  6. Are you sure it wasn't someone moving a neighbouring bike that knocked yours over?
  7. Positive... Rode like a granny... Didn't rev or anything...

    Positive. Otherwise my fairings (which stick out ALOT) would be scratched/smashed. Bike has the exact same damage as my friends when she dropped hers doing a u-turn... Someone was definitely sitting on it for the fairings to not be damaged, and the casing to have a small scratch at the bottom... The left mirror was bent outta wack too... not sure how that happened as the bike went down on its right... :(
  8. I think we should build a time-machine and go back, lay in wait for whoever messed around with your bike; THEN travel back even further and tell them not to vote Labour or sit on other people's motorcycles, like, ever.
  9. The GS500F is LAMS approved isn't it?

    If so, I reckon some wannabe rider, or learner who wants a bigger bike, or similar, decided to sit on it to check it out, but dropped it because they didn't know what they were doing.

    Damn newbies. :evil: Nothing you can do about it Luke, except fix the broken bits and polish out the scratches, or live with them.
  10. Roderick- so what you're saying is that we can deduce whoever dropped the motorcycle on the pavement is inexperienced because it's a LAMS motorcycle... not because they dropped it on the pavement?


  11. Nah.

    The dropping of the bike implies that they were inexperienced with sitting on or handling a motorcycle,

    which impies that they were a non-motorcyclist, or an inexperienced newbie motorcyclist, or a current Scooterist, (supported by the fact that they sat on someone's bike without asking permission, since an experienced motorcyclist wouldn't do that),

    but were interested enough in bikes to know the GS500F was LAMS approved, and hence picked the GS to try, and not any of the other bikes,

    which implies that they were a wannabe rider, or a newbie motorcyclist or scooterist who wants a bigger bike,

    That was my logic sequence. :grin: Of course, all those conclusions only have a certain probability of being correct, and I could be completely wrong.
  12. Inexperienced or not, I consider some one sitting on my Motor Cycle, the same as finding some one sitting in my car, The only people that sit on my motor cycle, are those that I have given express permission to do so,
    My $15000 ferrari is not a park bench, or toy ride, for ignorant clods to sit on.
    Unfortunately, you did not catch the clod who sat on yours, and now you have to pay for the damage they have caused to your bike.
    The best way to protect your machine is park it, where you can see it.
  13. LOL.... You just made me think of a great tank protector
    "This is not a park bench, get off!"
    "Go park your wide load elsewhere"
  14. Hmmm, bent left mirror = whack on the left causing it to fall to the right, maybe?

    Is random people sitting on parked bikes a common occurrence BTW?
  15. I was thinking that too.
  16. that's not cool at all :(

    (hope nothing like that happens to mine)

    though in saying that, a mate was telling me about a US TV show he's watched, some "bad guys" (tm) were on bikes and stopped to go and do their "business" and came back to find a guy and his girlfriend sitting on one of the bikes.

    the guy on the bike asked if they could take a photo for them.

    "bad biker #1" says "Sure" taking the guys camera and says as he takes the photo "here's the before shot"

    the guy on bike says "huh?" as he then gets hit with bad biker #1's helmet across the face

    then bb#1 takes a pic of the guy on the ground with blood from contact on his face and hands the camera back to the girl (who's since jumped from the bike) and they ride off.

    if only we didn't have a conscience about doing something like that finding someone on our bikes :| lol
  17. I dont have a conscience, If I find some one sitting on my bike, I just didn't say it in my first post.
    You dont sit on some one elses bike, ever. unless you have been invited too.
  18. Hmmm, thanks for the heads up; I've re-armed my alarm. :grin:
  19. that sucks,

    perhaps they put their back out picking it back up again!
  20. I fkn hope so :) I so really really hope so... And i hope they crushed their leg when they dropped it, and it gives them grief for a long time...