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i never thought id get there

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by cazz, Nov 26, 2011.

  1. Hey All,

    Finally got my bike learners and looking forward to enjoying every minute i can riding now the kids are getting older.
    Love bikes and the feeling of being free and the adrenalin rush is wicked.
    Hoping to learn from all along the way.


  2. Congratulations Cazz and welcome to the biking fraternity. Now begins the real learning, and fun :) Where about are you based?
  3. Cheers Chris. God there is soooo much to learn for sure but i cant wait to be out riding. Im in Sunshine.
  4. Hey cazz,
    welcome to the zoo. careful what you feed the animals.

    What are you riding?
  5. Well get down on a Saturday morning to the new rider meeting. A good bunch of people and they don't bite. Well most don't and I think the ones that do have had their shots ;)

    A good way to meet a whole bunch of great people with a similar love of riding.
  6. lmao as long as the bites dont leave marks its all good :)
    I was just looking at the sat new rider meet and its a great idea to do that. Im looking at bikes now and as soon as i feel a little comfy on one im there. Me and my girlfriend got our learners together so i will be telling her about it too. We both like the idea of cruisers lol
  7. I will make sure i dont put my hand through the bars lmao
    Im not riding anything at the moment, but i am thinking the Laro even though it doesnt seem to be popular. Im test riding one next weekend
  8. What made you look at the Laro? Price factor? Nice enough looking bike (for a cruiser!) I guess. Have you looked at second hand Virago's?
  9. i havent actually looked at the virago, and yeah price is def a factor(i wish it wasnt). i just saw the laro in a mag honestly and went and had a look at it. im only a shorty so a cruiser suits me a bit better. Hmmm maybe i should google some viragos and see whats out there????
  10. Have a look on bikesales. At least you can figure out what the current market values are.
  11. Thanks i will. I didnt really think about that :)
  12. Welcome to NR ..

    When you're ready to venture into the Saturday Learners ,
    and if you'd like some company ,
    let me know , we are in Ardeer :)
  13. Cheers Kitt, glad to be here finally :)
  14. Welcome

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  15. Hi cazz and welcome to NR.

    If you are looking cruisers, Viragos are a great little learner bike and many a Netrider started out on one.

    However, don't dismiss other bikes if you haven't tried them, When you first start out shorter bikes feel more comfortable but after a while when you get used to the weight and handling the thing, unless you are an absolute midget, having to stretch a bit due to height, is not quite so important. And a lot of people who start on them end up swapping to, if not a full sports bike then something more like one. Not many who start on a sports bike or nakeds go over to cruisers.

    Even if you don't have a bike, you can pop down to the Saturday practice sessions and meet people and usually people will let you have a sit on their bike to see how it might fit you.
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  16. Cheers GreyBM. After some opinion about the Laro, which i first looked at, i have changed my mind about that and have been looking at yamaha's mostly the vstar. I am actually a bit of a shorty (5"3) so i do feel more comfy on a cruiser. Im going to have a look at more bikes on the weekend to see whats what and get more of an idea. I think the saturday practice is a great idea but i would feel like a complete dummy to not know any one and just sit on the bikes lmao but.......who knows you may just see me there soon :)
  17. Hey Cazz, welcome to NR, and keep on smiling :)
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  18. Cheers goddie, there will be no wiping the smile off when im finally riding lol
  19. thats what we like to hear Cazz, get down to sat morn and have Greybm and Hawklord into some secrets on how to keep on the bike safey :)
  20. I had no idea that things like the sat practice even existed. I want to be riding as safe as possible so i keep coming home to my kids. You cant do anything about unexpected things that might happen while you ride but the more you know/learn will hopefully get you out of some sticky situations.