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I never liked their iced coffee anyway . . .

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mickyb V9, Jul 29, 2008.

  1. Doesn't seem like they'll be closing all of them (unfortunately).
    Just seems like they're following the usual Starbucks strategy of opening as many stores as possible to flood the market, then closing down the surplus once all competition has been driven out of business.
  2. Which is funny becuase it has been shown that it doesn't actually run coffee shops out of buisness, starbucks tends to attract people to coffee who have never or rarly had it before. These people then become addicts and seek out better/cheaper coffee shops across the road (Read a university study on it). So what they were doing was increase the customer base for all the local shops.
  3. Yeah but then you have cases like the town in Texas where (if I remember correctly) there was 1 local coffee shop on the corner of the town's main intersection. Then along comes Starbucks which opens a store on the 3 other corners. Once the local shop closed so to did the 2 redundant Starbucks.
    I think sometimes they trade on the fact that yes sometimes people are too lazy to cross the street to go somewhere else, even if they hate Starbucks (seems to work for other chains like McDonalds).
  4. Anyone who loves coffee couldn't possibly love Starbucks. They may not have much choice in the US, but here even Gloria Jeans can make a decent coffee; something of which Starbucks seemed resolutely incapable.
  5. Star Chucks - aptly named.
  6. Just heard that 61 of their 83 Australian stores are closing down.

    Anyone wanna buy a cheap espresso machine?
  7. Whatever you think of their coffee, their staff deserve some respect.
  8. Ch10 news just reported 61 stores across OZ will be closing.
  9. Absolutely true Cejay. About 600 folks are now looking for a new job.

    I've had maybe four starchucks coffees... and none of them were great.

    Best coffee ever was in Lygon street at some pasta place that served Andronicus coffee. I had an espresso and man, it made the taste buds tingle... I actually remember the coffee - it was that good... I have a stove top espresso machine and I share house with a top notch barista... that coffee was still miles ahead.

    Haven't had one of those exotic furry creature dung purified coffee bean coffees yet... it's on the list though... something like $10-$15 for an espresso... :shock:
  10. I went to the Collingwood farmers market on Saturday.....
    they wanted $18 for an espresso and a coffee scroll :shock:
    I made a passing comment that it must be that fancy cat poo coffee :LOL:
  11. While it's sad to see people lose their jobs, I've gotta cheer to see that the Aussie market won't sustain one of the most predatory and anti-competitive business models in the world. Starbucks can go get f*cked, give me real coffee anyday.
  12. That's Civet coffee (passed thru a civet cat!). Starbucks coffee is not exactly great but I would like to try the coffee made by a Clover machine (bought up by Starbucks) as detailed here:

  13. Ah, humour!
  14. I've never had a Starbucks coffee before and from what I've read here, I haven't missed anything. I was always under the impression they had good coffee.

    If you're ever on the Island and want good coffee head to the cafe at the eco-resort on Phillip Island rd. Tingling tastebuds kinda stuff and I'm not just saying that cos I work there...it really is good. :)

    Pino's in the main st of Cowes is very good too. :) But don't let the tall guy with glasses and spiky/sometime mohawky hair make your coffee - unless you like it semi-cold ;) :LOL:
  15. He wouldn't happen to have had a bday recently by any chance?? :LOL:

    ...just need to correct an mistake... the very few places in Australia that have the Kopi Luwak / Civet coffee sell it for up to $50 a cup :shock: - but you get a certificate :LOL: ...:-k for a once in a lifetime experience, I'd probably think about giving it a go...
  16. Now time of Krispy Kreme to follow suit !
  17. Agree about Krispy Kreme - can someone explain to me what the appeal of those things is?
  18. Probably the disturbingly high sugar and fat content - they make other donuts look healthy in comparison.
    They do have an impressive marketing strategy though - they never actually pay for advertising, yet every time they open a new store it invariably makes the mainstream media. All it takes is a few bucks worth of free donuts to the right TV/Radio presenters - who are too stupid to realise they're being used.
  19. Blame SirMixALot !

    . . . a generation of americans believe that Baby-Got-Back is fashionable ! :LOL: