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I Never Knew I Wanted It....

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by SevenSins, Nov 21, 2012.

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  1. ...until it was already gone.

    If anyone knows of any bike shops in Aus that has in stock a Shark Vision R Pixy Helmet in black/velvet purple size SMALL... please let me know...


  2. Australia is a pretty big place, any specific city?

    Going by the MCAS website (which could possibly be out of date) they have them for $450 - see here
  3. Any city I don't care. I should have specified that I am an expert internet shopper, and if only it was as simple as hopping online. MCAS incorrectly have them as available, however after doing an online transaction during their sale I was later informed that in fact they have none. Bikebiz is the only other store I have seen them for sale online and the sales guy was very helpful, however he can only order size medium or biger.

    I was more after people who might happen across one in store, or ask a person on the forum who might work in a store that might have them on the shelf. A lot of bike shops have stock but don't have it all online for purchase...

    I know it's a long shot, but if I don't ask I won't know...cheers..
  4. Ah okay, should be going to MCAS in a few weeks for some new jeans, if I remember, I'll take a peek.

    Not sure how up to date this is, and I'm guessing you've already seen it but on the Shark website it looks like Ficeda Accessories could be the importer - they might be able to arrange something? Their website seems to be down but I gave a them a call and the number is still active.

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  5. You could try these guys, they stock Shark but don't have the colour you're after listed on their website.
    They are bricks and mortar as well as online on the Central Coast. I've bought stuff from them before and can recommend them, as above comments they may have one lying around in the storeroom.
    Image Motorcycles
    P: 02 4322 7100
  6. I had trouble getting the lotus blue in mine SS. I went into my local store (Honda/Yamaha dealership) and they ordered mine in for me. Although if Bikebiz can't get them in then maybe the small's are completely out of stock...? Good luck - I'll keep my eye out for you.
  7. Just a bit of input, I use a size smaller in my Shark helmet than I have in other helmets, so the xs may suit. Obviously up to you to determine.
  8. thanks folks, I tried the latest vision R in xs today. It was snug but comfy, and my other helmet is snug and I'm hopeful it will loosen up a bit with wear.. It gives me the squashed cheek look!!!

    So thanks to all.. esp Nocturne as I spoke with the team there today and they were very helpful :)
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  9. /beats chest triumphantly
  10. Someone else might need a bigger helmet.:LOL:
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  11. Got my helmet on Monday, was snug at first but already broken in nicely now.
    (after wearing it for a couple hours Monday night while surfing the net)
    Wish I had discovered the vent lock system when I was riding home in the rain on Tuesday as I couldn't see for a while...now that was fun!
    will be good to test this anti fog system next time it pisses down...
    thanks to everyone for their help..cheers..
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  12. Is that Matte on top, or does the phone pic not show it properly?
  13. ALL glossy, bad phone pic :D.
  14. SHOW US YOUR PINK BITS....oh wait, you already have.:barefoot:

    looks like pink devil horns
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