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I need your advice on Apples

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by lowercase, Jun 23, 2010.

  1. not these:

    but these:


    So soon (by the end of the year) I'd like a new apple laptop.

    I'm wanting something I can use each day at home, can take with me on the bike (I have lots of storage on bike), can use for photos, music, internet and chat. I'm impressed by all of them.

    There's the Apple MacBook, the Apple MacBook Pro and the Apple AirBook.

    Anyone recommend what the serious differences are and what would suit me best?

    Thanks :D

    EDIT: I currently have a MacBook that I bought in 2006
  2. I've got a MacBook Air, and my wife has a 13 inch MacBook Pro. I wanted something light enough to carry everywhere but powerful enough to to photo processing. She wanted something with a bigger hard drive and longer battery life that would play DVDs. So it really depends on what you want. The Air has a mono speaker, the Pro has stereo. The Air is unbelievably thin and light, but he battery only lasts 4 or 5 hours. The Pro feels heavy as a brick in comparison, but the battery lasts 7 or 8 hours. And of course the Pro also comes in larger sizes if you want a bigger screen. The only one that I haven't been impressed with is the standard MacBook (as opposed to the Pro or the Air). I'm not a fan of the plasticy feel of these machines.
  3. oh yes and mine must play DVD's!!! absolutely essential lol.

    i use my lappy for EVERYTHING from A-Z so it needs to last. There's nothing wrong AT ALL with my current lappy but I think at the end of the year I'll just want a new one, as from the end of september onwards I'll be saving for a house so won't want to think about upgrading laptops for another good 5 years or more.
  4. I like Pink Ladies myself

    Buy before the end of June and you may be able to claim it on tax ???
  5. Nah, I won't have money till mid September :) bike AND holiday are currently being paid off! Plus, tax is the least of my worries :D

    I'm thinking the macbook pro... maybe
  6. ..and if you are a student or known a student who can 'buy it for you' - i think you can get a 10% education discount! ;)
  7. I was going to say that iPad would suit your needs but sounds like you need a 'proper' computer if you are doing all things from A to Z... but from your orig post, iPad would be perfect for all of that.

    If your current Macbook is OK how about put the money aside (rather than spending it now) and pretend it doesnt exist - maybe in a netsaver account - and then when your current lappy blows up in 2-3 years, you buy the best computer available THEN. Which will be a lot better than the best computer available NOW.
  8. Eugh I'll never have an iPad or iPhone unless I accidentally win one or am somehow given one as a gift.

    I'll rephrase - MUST HAVE A KEYBOARD!!!!!!

    My lappy is fine, yes, but I'd like to start afresh. Just something I wanna do.
  9. sweet - thanks! my best friend is a stooodent :D
  10. I use a macbook air, its ok but mine does not like 3 and telstra usb 3g modems (read crashes a bit). I just upgraded my home pc to windows 7, higly recommended. My honest opinion, win 7 shits over mac osx. The airbook is great cause its so small, but other than that I would take a small laptop running win 7 anyday.

    IF you are used to macs, then perhaps its worth sticking with it. If you use windows dont waste your money on mac. You will get better bang for your buck with a PC.

    PS, I develop on mac, pc and linux, so I get the best of all worlds, and the worse. I liked mac OS till I started using win 7!!
  11. Macbooks shit all over any windows laptop unless the windows laptop is top spec.
    Yes the macbook is plasticky but it is good enough (and strong enough) for your needs.
    Macbook pro may be overkill for your needs as it is more for heavier graphics type applications.
  12. as long as you don't need to plug in any more than one USB device at a time ......
  13. I have a 1st generation Unibody 13 inch MacBook, before they were renamed the MacBook Pro's. The base MB's do look a bit plasticky, so I'd spend the another 200 and get the MB Pro.

    They all play DVD's, but Steve doesn't like BluRay, so forget that (for the time being).

    Good hunting, since getting my MacBook in 2008 I've been converted to the cause. Now have an iPhone, ipad, LED display and anything else I can lay my hands on. I work on Win XP, 7 and 2008 for my day job and it's always a relief to come back and work on the Mac when I get home.
  14. At work I use windows 7, and it's excellent. however, even the top notch work computers crash a lot and viruses etc.

    My macbook, for the past 3-4 years has crashed once (i was being an idiot) and no viruses to date.

    I'd rather not fork out cash for a virus program and just take my chances with the apple products.

    I do prefer quite a few things with the windows 7, but they're not things I NEED.
  15. don't you mean 3?
  16. i bought a 13" macbook, mostly for study purposes. It does everything I need perfectly.

    my brother got the pro but i dont really see the point unless you want a backlit keyboard. my mackbook has the same screen and everything
  17. IF backlitKB.Want < backlitKB.doNotWant
    exit 500; //Server Error!!
    END IF
  18. backlit keyboard would be great... as would the different casing... the plastic leaves marks really easily - does the aluminium do the same?
  19. no I mean more than one at a time; read the tests, all say that the ports are too close together and many USB devices can't fit side by side.....
  20. yes they are too close together... however, i only ever use one at a time :)