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I need to win Lotto

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Bravus, Oct 12, 2006.

  1. Ever had that experience when *your* bike was available, but you either couldn't afford it or were on restrictions or whatever? The photo and link below is to *my* bike, and no doubt that won't resonate with everyone else, or maybe even anyone else. But it's fairly likely you know the feeling.


    This SV (clickety) is the right age (with the rectangular section frame and the fuel injection) and about the right price, and I don't mind the yellow for visibility reasons. It's also registered in Queensland and in striking distance from where I live. More importantly, it already has the three major mods that I'd be wanting to do to an SV - suspension upgrades, a screen and a pipe.

    Now, I buy a Lotto ticket today, and hope the gods are smiling!
  2. Yeah maybe if won the lottery I could buy my Duke 999r. :)
  3. Maybe I could get my bike fixed :(.

    And then buy a Daytona 675 :).
  4. Don't we all need to win lotto?
  5. ... and service it!
  6. I registered with lotto.com, put $120 into my online account and set up a repeat purchase for 4 games on every saturday's lotto draw. So I'm in every saturday's lotto game for the next year without doing a thing. All I need to do now is win.
  7. Tis alright mate save ya money and buy a honda instead!!!
  8. Heh, I already have a Honda, and love it, but I want a naked V-twin middle-size!
  9. I have it on good authority that this weeks winning lotto numbers are...

    12,36,7,51,8 and 20.

    Go for it peoples :p :p
  10. but would we really be happy with all that money?

    I mean we could do all the track days we could muster on any type of bike we wanted in any country we desired but would we be happy..?

    My Oath, I'd be bloody happy . . !
  11. Oi you lot.

    The queue starts behind me!
  12. Got my ticket for 2nite... I'm winning it then taking off around the world :grin:
  13. I reckon we need to start up a Netrider lotto syndicate....
    hands up all that want to put in....and win :p

    winners are grinners :grin:
  14. put me down for that if you want to get it started Caz??
    I'll just give you money each week at one of the coffee nights and collect the winnings off u at the airport with my bags packed :grin:
  15. That's only if I win the powerball jack pot. :)

    But could you imagine travelling the world raceing on all the diferent tracks out there, ahhhhh what a life. :grin: Oh yeah and I guess the missus could come to. :)