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I need to reduce ride height!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by grharris2002, Aug 23, 2006.

  1. I need to reduce the ride height of my new DRZ-400. I can try reducing the rear preload and get half an inch maybe. I need to know if it is possible to move the forks up in the triple clamps maybe an inch?. Will it damage the forks or is it possible - has it been done before. I need help please!!!

  2. It is possible to move forks up in the triple clamps but you need to realise that it will (other things being equal) reduce the trail and quicken the steering. Reducing the rear preload probably won't be enough to stop that.

    Having said that trail bikes tend to have fairly conservative steering geometry anyway... so it'll 'probably' be ok.

    I wouldn't drop them an inch though! 10 to 15 mm is plenty...
  3. Whats the thickness of the seat like? If it's not a mousepad, you could consider getting the seat sculpted.
  4. Or perhaps change the dogbone?
  5. Don't do it!!!

    Slidding the forks through will reduce the ride height but also bottom out easier.
    Ever seen a dirt bike land after a jump?

    It'll steer way to quick.

    Reducing the rear will involve a new linkage, which won't be cheap, this will make it steer slower.

    All in all, LESS ground clearence. I've seen short guys who cant touch the ground with both feet just leave bike suspension standard, just learn to ride better (no disrespect meant)

    If you really had to do it, get it done professionally.

    one time XRs owner.
  6. As firefling has suggested, changing the dog-bones on the rear suspension will keep the valve position within the rear shock at it's centrepoint (or where ever you have it set) whilst still adjusting the seat height. This will of course change the weight distribution between the front and rear wheel, and increase the load on the rear wheel if your lowering the rear of the bike - again which will alter the geometry and therefore riding characteristics of the bike.

    If it's a motard and it's just on the road, ride height shouldn't be too much of a concern. If it is just a dirt bike then you really shouldn't lower it unless absolutely necessary.
  7. Out of interest, where can I get a modified dog bone from? I don't know what bike yet as the missus is still trying to decide.

  8. Considering you must have a time machine at home (DRZ-400E 07), I would suggest changing ride height should be a pinch :D
  9. just let some air out of your tyres
  10. Seriously though, how much of your front suspension travel do you use?

    Put an electrical cable tie around your folk leg and take it for a ride over the worst stuff you normally do.

    Now measure how much travel you have left. Subtract 10mm and this is roughly how much you can lower the front from a travel point of view.

    But, as mentioned, the steering effects may not suit you, so go a little at a time up to that point.

    An inch wouldn't be realistic on a road bike (usually 10-15mm would be the most you would do), but on a nose pickers steed, it may be possible.