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I need somewhere to live!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Fj1100, Dec 14, 2006.

  1. Ok Guys, I'm taking the plunge, moving out of the sticks.

    No more 400 KM trips to dinner for me hehe

    Someone out there got a free room who's looking for someone to share house/unit/whatever? (I don't meen $$free, but one that isn't in use :p)

    All I need is a place to put my bike really. Would like to live with other riders I guess, We're heaps more fun than those driving/walking bums :p

    send me a PM/email to cooltim@gmail.com if you have anywhere and we'll have a chat.

    I'll probably have to work in the city, so somwhere within 30 mins travel to the city would be nice, but if ur extra cool, I'll put up with somewhere further :cool:


  2. Good luck with finding a place :)

    Which city exactly you moving closer too? :)
  3. Tim presently resides in Bathurst, so the city in question is Sydney.

    Tim, I hope you find a place close to Sydney, but if you need a temporary foxhole, you know who to call :)
  4. Yeah movin to sydney, funny how you forget about those important details at the critical moment....

    Thanks for the offer Paul, I think your pad might be a little far away though. I have a freind that lives in Alexandria who would let me camp out on his couch for a month or so if I get desperate.